2013 WBA Preview: the Northeast

by Ron Chambers

There is no better division in the WBA. It is very possible that every team in the Northeast will finish the season with a winning record. I don’t know if that has happened inthe WBA before or not but it shows just how tough this division is.

Brooklyn Rage

Brooklyn has a proud history as the winningest team in WBA history. But, they have also had plenty of post-season disappointments. They are looking to continue their regular season success and create greater post-season success.

PG- Omar Jefferson: Hemay be the best scoring PG in the league. Heis a lights out shooter from range. He passes well and is a good defender.

SG- Mario Bailey: This undrafted player has developed into arguably the best Shooting Guard in the league. He is a great scorer and a shut down defender. He is also a very good rebounder for a guard. Most striking about him though is how effecient of a scorer he is.  He has a career average of 1.24 points per shot and has been at 1.3 or better for the last three seasons.

SF- Shane Strom: Strom has been a 20 point scorer every year of his career except his rookie season. He is also a good rebounder and passer. He is getting older though and may be starting to slow down just a smidge.

PF- Jarius Miles: Miles is a player who is good at just about everything. He is not a great scorer or rebounder yet but he is a great defender and the sky is the limit for his talent.

C- Al Herbert: The slight on Herbert is that he is soft for a Center. He isn’t that strong and doesn’t score well on the inside. But, he is a great defender, a good rebounder, and an excellent shot for a big man.

Bench- Brice Bell, Joe Clark, & Mark Vaden: Bell and rookie Vaden are defensive minded subs. Joe clark is a huge rebounder. Depth is a little bit of a problem for Brooklyn. Time will tell if their defensive approach for their second team is the right move.

Long Island Mayhem


PG- Kadeem Reed: Reed is a great passer and ball handler. He isn’t a great defender or scorer but is so impressive in distributing the ball.

SG- Danny Hainge: Haine is a pure scorer. He is a decent defender. But, he is really about just putting the ball in the hole.

SF- Wayne Taylor: He may be the bext player n WBA history to this point. He averages over 27 points a game for his career and has averaged over 30 points three times. He is also a good rebounder and play maker. How well he does this year will determine how well Long Island does. He needs to get back to the form he had inNebraska.

PF- Kurt Beck: A sold young player that still needs some more time to develop. He should develop into a very good player who doesn’t really have any holes.

C- Sheldon Gorman: Like Beck he is a 23 year-old who is developing into a major interior talent. Both players need just a couple more years and they will be dominant.

Bench- Harrison Legault, Cristobal Dasher, & Urich Kunze. the Mayhem have some good talent coming off the bench at the forwards and center but they really need more depth at the guards. That will be their undoing if they have a serious injury to Reed or Hainge.

Rochester Raiders

PG- Javonte Bolk: Last season Bolk proved he could pass. This season he will prove he can score. He is currently under appreciated but within the next two season he will develop into an elite Point Guard.

SG- Dave Williams: Williams is probably the purest scorer in the league. He isn’t as much of a rounded player as players like Mario Bailey but there is nothing sweeter than the way he puts the ball in the hoop. He has a carrer scoring average of 27 points and has never averaged less than 25.

SF- Ramon Phelan: Phelan is a good scorer and defender anda solid rebounder. On another team he would score more than on this incredibly talented offensive team.

PF- Heiko Van Bradt: Heis probably one of the most versitile players in the league he can legitimately play SG, SF & PF. Hehas tremendous ball handling skills for his size and is a very good rebounder and defender.

C- Peter Langstraat: He isn’t going to score much but he will grab a ton of rebounds which fits perfectly with this already offensively loaded team.

Bench- Jim Peyton & Napoleon Carter: After Peyton and Carter there isn’t a lot of talent on the Raiders bench.

Tornonto Dinos

PG- Jervon Timmons: The Point Guard of the future. He will never be a scoring Point Guard like Jefferson or Bolk. But, he may become the ultimate floor general and a shut down defender. He is still really young so it will take time for him to become the star that he will be.

SG- Brandon Morfeld: He is a solid scorer but more importantly a very good defender.

SF- Walt Jackson: He may be the best player in the league or at least he may be in the next year or two. He is a very good scorer and an amazing rebounder for a Small Forward. He is also quite a good defender.

PF- Abdullah Chanda: A good all around player. He has solid skills at about everything.

C- Dontae Evans: This is the teams weakest link. Evans is a solid big man but not a great rebounder. Given though how fantastic of a rebounder Jackson is it may not hurt the team.

Bench- Remi Jeay, David Flores, & Harry Kramer: Heayand Kramer are both very good reserve players. Flores is a rookie who will get a chance to prove himself.

New York Liberty

PG- DaRond Lyons: Lyons is the Liberty star of the future. I expect that this will be the year he emerges. The one challenge for theteam is that Lyons is really more of a Shooting Guard but the Liberty have no true Shooting Guard to play that position.

SG- Damien Bohm: This is another talented young player who will get the chance to shine this year. He is already an effective scorer now he needs to round out the rest of his game.

SF- Jevon Carter: Carter is a longtime starter for the Liberty he has a solid all around game and will compliment the young stars well as they develop.

PF- Tom Kinsey: Kinsey is an excellent scorer on a team full of scorers. He is also a very good defender. He could use some improvement in his rebounding.

C- Ryan Rogers: This is another young player looking to develop. He is currently a fairly average Center but hehas very good potential.

Bench- Norm Axelrod, Kyle Hawkins, & Donovan McCormick: The liberty have very good depth at the Forwards an Center but they are really lacking depth at the guards.



  1. Brooklyn Rage
  2. Rochester Raiders
  3. Toronto Dinos
  4. Long Island Mayhem
  5. New York Liberty

As I said earlier, this division is very good it is very possible that every team will finish with a winning record. So, my confidence about these predictions is even less than usual. Depending on injuries or some small trades everything could change.

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