2018 WBA Conference finals predictions

by Timmy Frenchy

The second round provided 2 entertaining series and 2 snooze-fests. Let’s see who came up on top and how things should go for these much anticipated Conference Finals.

World Conference


Capetown Zulus vs Cancun Outlaws

(Capetown won season series 3-1)

As predicted in my last article, the Outlaws had no problem taking care of the London Disco. The brooms were out in full force, as Cancun didn’t need more than 4 games to eliminate London, who looked emotionally-drained after their surprising upset in the first round. The Outlaws path to the Conference finals this season was an easy one for sure, but they nevertheless have remained focused on the task at hand going 8-1 thus far in their championship quest. Some early extra rest to veteran players like Parker Mason and Scott Lio could be extremely valuable down the road. But the picnic is over in Cancun, because next round isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Even though the Counts had homecourt over the Zulus in the second round, it’s no surprise to me to see Capetown winning the series in 6 games. Many general managers predicted the same outcome for this matchup. They were the more experienced and battle-tested squad. Adrian Arceo coaching skills are still underrated in this league as he always finds a way to win games no matter what difficult situation he’s in. Getting the 4th playoff spot in the Conference while playing almost half of last season without their superstar Abdiel Gordon was another good example of that.

This is the matchup we wanted to see in for the World Conference Finals. A battle of titans inside between Trentesols and Gordon. Two head coaches at the top of their games. Although Cancun has the championship experience and the more glorious franchise, the Zulus might be the team that has the blueprint to take them down. Let’s mention that the Zulus are the only team in the league to have beat the Outlaws three times this season. Exciting games are coming…

Prediction:  Cancun over Capetown in 7 games


USA Conference


California Fighting Cocks vs Brooklyn Rage

(Brooklyn won season series 4-0)

Brooklyn domination on the court is impressive, as general manager Rondall Reynoso put lot of efforts to build one of the best franchise in WBA basketball history. With that said, it’s also scary to see all the benefits they get behind the scenes. With the financial structure in place right now for the league, there is way too much power given to big market teams with good economy. With almost limitless financial flexibility, these super teams can sign and resign superstar players way too easily, therefore creating a huge gap talentwise with all the other teams. And this gap keeps getting bigger and bigger. The luxury tax system, who was supposed to bring balance to the WBA galaxy, is broke and there is not much negative impact going to a team that go way over the salary cap.

The California management assemble a very talented squad this season. This might be the peak potential-wise for this roster as some of their stars are already past 30 or close to it (Birkhead, Stein, Nash) and with a huge name going to free agency this summer (Morrell). But let’s talk about the present. This team has been rolling in the playoffs so far and are coming an impressive performance in game 7 against a thought Kansas City Wild team. This victory should bring them a little momentum going forward. But does this team has a shot of beating the Mighty Brooklyn Rage in a 7 game-series? The short answer is… no.

Prediction: Brooklyn over California in 5 games

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