2nd & 3rd Month of 2017 GCBA Season

By: Don Champion

As the 2nd and 3rd months heat up we see the same team at the top list. Columbus Poly University still is the #1 team with only losing two games all season. The interesting thing is those loses was to the #4 Detroit Lutheran State. Other teams waiting in the wings are #2 Bayou Academy, #3Yellowhammer State and #5 Greenbriar Tech. The end of conference play should get real interesting.

Will they win this year?

Sitting at #6 are the Great Plains Bobcats. With a senior led team everything looks bright. Armstrong and Wyman will be counted a lot to finally get this team over the hump. Making it to the Final Four will not be enough this season.

RPI says we are not good.

Cape Cod University is 150 and Logan State College is 149 at the bottom of the RPI ranking. Logan State 8 – 16 is actually only one game out of making their conference tournament. Most of Conference play they were in the lead. Their last 6 games they have took a turn in the wrong direction on posting a 2 – 4 record. Coach Vinton has to fine the answer or his coaching tenure might be really short. Cape Cod is a different story only winning 3 games all season this has been a really disappointing year. With no seniors on their roster Coach Pitcher is really excited about next season.

Who is the Top WBA Prospect?

Some may say it is senior (SG) Lon Johnson from Mount Rushmore. Others may say it is senior (SF) Kenyatta Davidson from Mid-Atlantic. While others still think it is senior (SF) Stretch Armstrong from Great Plains. In my expert opinion it is really the best name in basketball next to Boom Boom and that is junior (C) Bobo Reynolds from Heavenly Holy Academy. He will probably play PF in the WBA even though is number don’t stick out he really has a lot of potential. He is averaging 9.2 points and 8.3 rebounds there is a lot of room to grow in his skills.

Best Conference in GCBA

The CAC has 5 teams in the top 15 and it is not even close who is the best. S7 coming in 2nd has 5 teams in the top 20. The surprise is the PWC in 4th with only 1 team in the top 25. Out of the Power 6 conferences CAC, S7, B7, PWC, GEL, and CWC the CWC is the weakest with a RPI of .509 so the only hope they have is Great Plains can get back to the Championship.

Big Games Left in the Season.

02/08/18 at (22) Waco University – (8) Blue Grass University

02/10/18 at (2) Bayou Academy – (3) Yellowhammer State

02/12/18 at (3) Yellowhammer State – (19) South Beach University

02/14/18 at (9) Mid-Atlantic University – (7) Jersey State University

02/14/18 at (10) Lake Crystal University – (4) Detroit Lutheran State

02/17/18 at (4) Detroit Lutheran State – (1) Columbus Poly University

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