As the WBA Turns

Grady Olson (PF – Juggers) was bit by dog. In a bizar turn of events Olson returned to the house where he was bit by a dog to try and kick the dog but was bit again and is now expected to miss an additional week.

Malachi Jefferson (SF – Waivers) is left by his abusive wife and refocuses on basketball. Friends notice a real difference in his play curing workouts.

Dondrell Palmer (SG – Hellcats) seems to have been underestimted by scouts. He is showings sparks of offensive genius.

Kadeem Reed (PG – Boston) was bit by dog. He was at the park with his kid and a dog came after his child. He protected his child but did get a mite on hi fore arm. He is expected to miss over a week.

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