As the WBA Turns

Misha Kryznetsov (SF – Massacre) is suffering from a severe case of athlete’s foot. He will be injured for over a week.

Ulrich Kunze (C – Mayhem) has suffered an ACL knee injury. He will be out for about four months.

Brian Armstrong (C – Dragons) has been troubled by a stalker recently and this has affected his game.

Abegunda Abasi (SF – Free Agent) has been suffering from shooters elbow. He will be injured for 11-30 days.

Joe Cornell (SG – Liberty) has demanded a trade and said he will not play again for his current team. He will miss all games until traded or released.

Jimmy Foster (PG – Free Agent) was bit by dog. He will be injured 1-20 days.

Joe Clark (SF – Rage) was arrested for sexual assault. He will miss time due to a court appearance.

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