As the WBA Turns

Gary Witherspoon (PG – INC) passes a kidney stone. He will miss about a week.

Lonny Jordan (SF – ALB) has violated the league’s policy against banned substances. He has been suspended for the rest of the season.

David McIntyre (SG – AND) was involved in an altercation with an opposing team’s fan. He has been suspended for 1-6 games.

LaKar Everidge (SF – MIL) Player has been working hard off the court to earn his degree in history. He now feels there is more potential in his life.

Shelton Britton (PG – TOM) is left by his abusive wife and refocuses on basketball.

Clément Trentesols (C – CAN) He Incorporates plyometrics from P90x workouts..

Djoka Andjelic (C – SYD) Parties for 24 hours straight… really seems to affect him. 

Ellis Law (PF – NAI) has announced that his wife has given birth to a healthy baby boy. 

Simeon Hill (C – MOS) Stops drinking.

Douglas Sigmon (PF – SI) Claims he actually, discovers the formula for “Bailey” workout juice.

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