As the WBA Turns

Antione Williams (C – FA)  WBA legend Heiko Van Brandt advises him “do not let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.”

Brice Bell (PG – LV) Faces ongoing custody battle with an ex-girlfriend. His Lack of focus on basketball affects his game.

Les Swartz (C – PEM) He has undertaken the ancient practice of Tai Chi.

Rudolph McKenzie (SG – SEA) has gained confidence in his long-range shooting. 

Scott Berger (SF – TOR) suffers an accident, sustaining serious injuries. He fell off a ladder while installing roof a new roof. He broke his arm.

Larry Davis (PF – INC) He Has started daily taken boxing lessons at a local gym.

Raymon Conant (C – MIA) Parties for 24 hours straight. He totally wore himself out! 

Motya Beregovoi (PG – LB) has been getting good press in the news lately. He will gain 5 to his stats.

Ajani Valentine (SF – BAR) has gained confidence in his long-range shooting. He add plus 5, plus 10, plus 15.

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