Breaking, Breaking Steroids in Salt Lake City

By Ron Chambers

CaptureOne of the benefits of being a long time WBA reporter is that news gets leaked to me. Today, I was sent a screen shot from a confidential source. According to the source this screen shot was taken from the computer of a person chatting with Salt Lake City Fanatics GM, Brad Bangerter. After congratulatinng Bangerter on the solid play of Austin Williams and Wally Birkhead. The unidentified person cleary noted that the SLC “steroid” program is clearly paying off. To that, Bangerter responded. “Agreed. It is actually hgh. I only get them the good stuff.”

A call from GSPN to the Fanatics has gone unanswered by SLC management and ownership. WBA league offices released the following statement:

Like all WBA team the Salt Lake City Fanatics undergo and extensive drug screening process. This was most recently completely between the preseason and the start of the regular season. At that time, no Sal Lake City players showed any sign of banned substances. These allogations are something that the WBA take very seriously. But, at this point there is no evidence to support the use of banned substances by Salt Lake City players other than the one annonymous “screen shot.” If further evidence should come to light or players fail drug screenings the WBA will take appropriate action.

The reaction to this story on social media has been varied and often very harsh. Some claim Bangerter isn’t smart enough to pull off a hidden drug program for his players. Others say that such a religious figure would never do such a thing. An annonymous source in the Colorado organization told me that he over heard a conversation between Marc Hameleers and Rondall Reynoso in which Reynoso reportedly said, “Can’t trust the Bangerters” followed by a laugh. Though the context of the statement was not over heard by the source. Maybe most danming of all though was the simple statement overheard by an entertainment reporter outside a Las Vegas night club where famed former WBA player Wes Ford (the only WBA player to ever become famous for being famous) was involced in a conversation about this issue and Ford loudly proudly and with drinks of both hands yelled, “BB he my boy!”

I am sure more will develop about this story with time. I for one am shocked to have this level of controversy in the WBA. But, even more shocking is that I once again wrote about Wes Ford!

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