Dormant Pioneers Wake up!

By Liz Lester
Pioneers fans rejoice! Happy days are here again! Colorado just made the only roster move possible that gives the long dormant franchise hope of returning to the glory days of old….

Owner Lincoln Smith just released the following press statement:

While we thank Joseph Pellegrino for his work and dedication for our beloved Pioneers, we feel we were compelled to make a change. We have not been able to get out of the first round for several seasons now, and regular season numbers have bene dropping. Our team is in need of a reboot, and we believe that we have found the ideal candidate for both the reboot and the period of return to power that will follow.

Our new GM has taken a losing franchise and if we look at it’s line up today, a mere 2 seasons later, we see a very good team, young, and with cap space to spare. So we know he can turn as franchise around. We also are certain that he can perform well after rebuilding, guiding a franchise to a title and making it the biggest name in the sport. His name is feared and respected amongst his peers.

The Colorado Pioneers are happy, very happy to anounce the return of Marc Hameleers as General Manager.

While in the talks we had Marc Hameleers made clear that he expects things to get worse before they get better,, we have no doubt that in a couple of seasons we will be back in the playoffs and looking up!

Marc Hameleers, when asked for a reaction:

I loved being in New York, and both the fans and the team were great to me. I am very happy I was able to contribute to this wonderful franchise, and things are looking up for New York. However, the offer on the table, both in financial terms as in the challenge that returning Colorado to its glory days presents, were too good to pass up. I am coming home!

In New York team owner Cornelius May was clearly disappointed, but also hopeful for the future:
“while we hate to see Marc go, we cannot force him to stay when his heart lies elsewhere. He has given this franchise hope for the future. We are, thanks to him, now the best landing spot for a GM, instead of the laughing stock of the league. We will have no problem getting a good successor, and we will soon. We wish Marc all the best, and he will be always welcome here as both the good friend he is to me personally and the honored he guest he deserves to be after what he has done for the franchise”

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