Falsified Evidence and Hackers Revealed

By Ron Chambers

Like so many things that Zagrieb Zano writes he did it before he wrote it before hehad all the facts. But, don’t worry WBA fans. Ron Chambers is here to set the record straight. Zano accidentally ran across some interesting evidence. But, he did it in an incompetent way. So, what is the story behind the odd screen shot that Salt Lake city Fanatics General Manager accidentally shared with Zano?

Bangerter claimed that he accidentally showed a screen shot that been faked. Honestly, Bangerter seemed so flustered that I thought he was lying to cover his mistake. But, unlike Zano I don’t just write. I’m a journalist and I do my research.

After investigating, it turns out that to my surprise Bangerter was not just lying to cover his rear. We have confirmed that thetext shown to Zano had in fact beenchanged by hackers. These hackers had been able to hack the inadequate computer systems in Salt Lake but they had not been able to do the same to the well secured computer systems in Brooklyn.


The change was subtle. The hackers removed the word “never” out of what Reynoso wrote. Reynoso was clearly saying that he would “never” take part in doping players but the hackers made it look as though Reynoso was admitting that he would thoughtlessly fly against the rule. Clearly, all teh alegations against Reynoso and his integrity are silly.

The text does say something that raises questions. Bangerter admits to Reynoso that he took a screen shot and seems to imply some nefarious plan. What was Bangerter planning? My original thought was that somehow Bangerter was behind this especially since the hacked version takes out Bangerter’s comment about the screen shot with him saying “The truth shall set you free.” But, the research so far hasn’t supported that suspicion.

My digital investigators have confirmed that Bangerter was actually correct when he said they had traced the hack to Europe. Our crack team at GSPN has been able to get even more specific. We have traced the hack to Spain. We were even able to connect it with a particular hacking group known as #EverKane. They seem to be a radical group of Albacete fans who some how blame Reynoso for the injury of Tyler Kane which has really disrupted the early season success of Albacete. Some have claimed that #EverKane somehow funded by the Burning Hell organization. Thre is absolutely no evidenceto support such a serious alegation. #EverKane however does have financial support from some very deep pockets which we have thus far been unable to trace.

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