GSPN TRADE ANALYSIS: The trade that will end with the league

Brooklyn Rage gets Dan Kincaide and Davion Stahl

New York Liberty get Chad Archer, Walter Walter, Nicholas Evans  and Rage’s 1st round pick in 2021


New York trade outcome: 20,1 ppg, 5,4 rpg, 3,6 apg, 2,2 spg, 0,5 bpg. PER 18,3

New York trade income: 22,1 ppg, 10,4 rpg, 2,9 apg, 2,1 spg, 1,9 bpg. PER 26,5

New York trade result:    +2,0 ppg, +5,0 rpg, -0,7 apg, +0,1 spg, +1,4 bpg. PER +8,2

Brooklyn trade outcome: 22,1 ppg, 10,4 rpg, 2,9 apg, 2,1 spg, 1,9 bpg. PER 26,5

Brooklyn trade income:    20,1 ppg, 5,4 rpg, 3,6 apg, 2,2 spg, 0,5 bpg. PER 18,3

Brooklyn trade result:    2,0 ppg, -5,0 rpg, +0,7 apg, -0,1 spg, -1,4 bpg. PER -8,2

TRADE ANALYSIS: This is the first big trade of the season. And the trade that changes everything in the WBA by not changing anything at all. Kincaide going to the Rage for some role players has scared some reval teams to the point that some of them are toying with the posibility to rebuild for the future. Looking just at the numbers, this is a really even trade, we could even say that New York gets the better end of the trade once you see that Nicholas Evans has not even played for Brooklyn. Realty says that every time a team trades a star player for smaller pieces, it is not going to end well. This trade caused a huge debate around the league, a league source told us that the transaction was really close to be vetoed, but it passed with three members of the trade Committe voting for the trade and two other members voting against it.

Brooklyn Rage: If you have this kind of opportunity, you have to go for it. Kincaide is the player that makes Brooklyn win the championship the next 3 seasons, even with Omar Jefferson and Mario Bailey starting their decline. A lineup of Omar Jefferson, Mario BAiley, Dan Kincaide, Jarius miles and Danny De Vito runs every rival team off the court. Put Tyris Mayes at the center and they can go 82-0 with ease. Right now every GM hates Rondall Reynoso, but you have to admire his vision. They signed Nicholas Evans not needing him because they felt he could be an asset someday. The only bad thing you can say about this trade for Brooklyn is that they lose depth. The only thing that derails their season is a long injury of Jarius Miles. We’ll pry for it


New York Liberty: If you trade a top ten player, you’d better get some star or some valuabe picks. The Firestorm got nothing of that. They take a first round pick, locked to be the 30th pick by the way. They get two solid players in Walter Walter and Chad Archer, they could even start for New York. Walter is a solid defender but he is not comfortable if he has to lead a team. Archer is a good player to come from the bench in a good team, hes a veteran, a good spot up shooter with no flaws in his game, but he does not excell in any area. Besides, they are 27 and 29 years old. When Kelley Brandon hits his prime they will be useless. So we are left with Nicholas Evans. Evans is 23 years old and he looks like he will be a good scorer for years to come. Trading Kincaide seems like a wise decision because they were going nowhere, but the return they got does not solve any of New York’s problems



Rest of the league: Maybe if someone would have signed Nicholas Evans, THIS does not happen. Now, we are left with the biggest juggernaut this league has ever seen. There is no team ready to threat Brooklyn, Some top teams will retool for the future.


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