IBF Breaking News Blaise Godin (PF)

With the Fanatic’s second lottery pick of the 2018 WBA draft, to some confusion, Salt Lake City selected PF Blaise Godin. Not immediately available for comment, Blaise apparently was one of those confused by the selection as the Fanatics had already selected Bobo Reynolds with the #5 pick, as well as the emerging star in Guy Welty. After much discussion with those close to him the opportunity to play for a franchise as prestigious as the Fanatics, in a league as prestigious as the WBA, was too great. When I was finally able to contact Blaise on the situation, he had this to say, “I am very happy to be selected by the Fanatics. I know that we have many good players on our team, some that play my position, too. That is not my problem, when GM Brad puts me on the floor, he will see it is his problem to find them playing time around me!” Blaise Godin will help bolster a much improved Fanatics front court next season.

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