IBF Breaking News Edgardo Blanco (SG)

By: Luca Fekete


After WBA workout combine I sat down with Edgardo Blanco to discuss his decision and his thoughts on the Frankfurt organization. He had this to say, “I had a change of heart about this organization. During my interview process my agent asked a question that really peak my interest in hearing the response of the Fury ownership.”The question was, “Describe your coaches’ role as a motivator?” The Fury response was, “We have multiple coaches do who are assigned to do many task. Coach Offutt and Copeland are asked to work with all the players to help improve their offensive skills, while Coach Moeller and Hatwig are asked to help improve defensive abilities. As a group our coach are asked to help this young team believe in one another so we can reach the goal of winning a championship.” “So, looking at the future and all of the moves that they have made just to be able to compete is kind of flattering. Now just need one of their many moves to actually work and I think that I might be that move.”  Edgardo Blanco will sign his rookie contract with the Frankfurt Fury and play next season.

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