IBF Breaking News Inge Adlgasser (SF)

 By: Luca Fekete


During my 2nd scouting session Aldgasser looked liked he put in some work to improve his shooting skills. Aldgasser improved his FG% from 46% to 52% so the time spent staying in the IBF shows that sometimes it might be better to hone your skills before stepping into the big leagues. I sat down with Inge after the WBA workout combine and he had this to say, “I really was torn between both leagues. I was playing my heart out trying to get Virtus Roma (IBFA) over, while rooting for the Hellcats and my best friend Chris Dao. Over this past season Dao and I have become really close and I am really excited about playing with him. My agent has kept me up to speed on all the talks about possibly being traded to Frankfurt, but GM Sergio Gutierrez has confirmed that I am very welcomed in Mexico City. This is a very hard decision because I really love playing in the IBF.” After talking with his agent Inge Aldgasser feels that his love for playing in the IBF is not as strong as his love of playing with his best friend. Inge Aldgasser will sign his rookie contract and play with the Mexico City Hellcats next season.

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