IBF Breaking News Lovas Marcinkevicius (SF)

 By: Luca Fekete


After returning back to play in the Adractic League gaining a lot of experience Marcinkevicius was back at the same place he was one season ago. Marcinkevicius led Metalac Valjevo (IBFA) in scoring and rebounds. He was also 2nd in assists. When I sat down with him before making his big decision this is what he had to say, “When thinking about playing in the WBA Lovas knew Lovas was not ready, but after getting stronger and increasing some lateral movement Lovas feels Lovas can help out a WBA team.” After talking to Marcinkevicius agent Saša  Jović the feeling is still the same Marcinkevicius still does not like the feeling of playing in Frankfurt, but they own his draft rights. They feel being in the USA is a better fit for Lovas and his family. With this news we talked with GM B.J. Hadley III and he stated, “We will not be trading Marcinkevicius if he decides to sign his rookie contract.” So, is there intention in the Fury organization?   After a long deliberation Lovas Marcinkevicius has decided to sign his rookie contract with the Frankfurt Fury.

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