Intercontinental Basketball Federation Scandal

By: By Luca Fekete


I have been following this story for more than a week. There have been meetings with WBA Commissioner Rondall Reynoso, IBF Commissioner K.G. Avery, and INC deciding on what to make of the allegations made towards the running of both leagues. is the committee that is responsible for overseeing and rule violations for the IBF, WBA, GCBA, and GPBA.  The breaking story was linked to a company out of Canada (CanadaHGH) and there has been players linked to this story. Big names from both WBA and IBF have been tied to this story. No player from the GCBA has been linked yet.

Some of the players linked are Mario Bailey (Brooklyn), Jeremy Sims (Kansas City), Damien Bohm (Milan), DaRond Lyons (Colorado), Kelley Brandon (New York), Curtis Starman(Free Agent), Michal Askins (Boston), Hassan Watt (California), Clément Trentesols (Cancun), Almantas Talacka (Las Vegas), Abel Debuisnes (Sal Lake City), Primo Bugeja (Barcelona), Friedrich Egg (Albacete), Erdmann Schuepf, Edgardo Blanco, and Vester Friedrich (Frankfurt). There are more players that were named in the report, but those are some of the star players from both league.

The deliberations have ended a spokesperson from INC had this to say, “After meeting with all the commissioners from the various leagues there was no substantial evident was found from any league for us to make a ruling on the use of HGH or steroids in all our league. But, we are looking into the access and control of K.G. Avery has in the IBF.” So there was no truth to the rumors of over use of HGH or Steroids.

WBA Commissioner Reynoso had no comment on the topic of HGH and Steroids, but he did have this to say on his way out of the meeting, “All I want is to have a successful league and for everyone to enjoy themselves. The integrity of the WBA is the most important thing to the survival of this league. I am glad the meetings are over and we can get back to what everyone wants, playing games.”

I thought we were going to get a quick interview with IBF Commissioner K.G. Avery, but he is calling a press conference.

“First off let me start by saying that I am really thankful of the INC for providing the format for all of the stat driven geek like myself to enjoy this many option to get our fill. This has been a long and thorough meeting and I am glad that the conclusion was such. I joined this league to escape away from real life for a couple of hours each day. For the most part all of these leagues give me that out I need each day. I enjoy everything about the leagues the good and the bad.

The IBF was created to help add depth to the WBA draft and also allow GM to use their 2nd round picks to explore some of the talent in the IBF and own the draft rights to those players if they ever decided to join the WBA. That idea was shrunk down to 6 or 7 players declaring from the WBA every season. Still, a great idea but not what I had in mind when I created and pitch the idea to the INC. After all the time put into creating the league and positioning the teams, only to redo it all over when the league was considered too old. I always said that if something is not fun then I want do it anymore. After being link to IBF players being too good, too old, too juiced is kind of tiring. That comes with the territory when you are the one in charge, so I expect those statements. I always want what is best for the WBA, IBF, and GCBA. What start out to be fun is not fun for me anymore. After having a long meeting with WBA commissioner Reynoso we came to a mutual decision that I will step down as the Commissioner of the IBF. This was a very hard decision since this was my creative child, but if me being in charge of the league is going to ruin the league then I need to step aside.

The INC has agreed to name Sergio Gutierrez as the new commissioner of the IBF he will be taking over after this season draft. Thank you all for your support and enjoy the IBF.”

You heard it heard first what breaking news. That explains why Sergio was present at the meetings. We caught with new commissioner Gutierrez and he had this to say, “Hey K.G. Awesome yea, I had never really thought about it, but I would run it if you couldn’t/didn’t want to anymore. I appreciate heck out of all you do, and man you do a lot. I would love to run the IBF. I don’t know that I will make any changes this season or anything, want to learn it the right way and get that down first.”

Big changes coming for the IBF and my reporting career thanks for listening and enjoy.

**The WBA and Reynoso Games would like to express our appreciation to Kelley Avery for his temendous service to the success of our leagues.**

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