Not a lot of good things to say about the first half of the season in Albacete. Preseason started with hope, winning almost all their games, but Kane’s injury derailed the first two months of the regular season, making the team to fight for winning half of his games. Problem is that a 50% winning percentage could not be enough to be in the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

Albacete was build around Harry Jarvis, he was surrounded for a mix of great defenders (Kane, Reuben Sax, Tyris Mayes), young players with great potential (Mayes again, walter Walter…) and very good ball distributors (Kane, Raphael Park and Greg Lacy). But the only sure thing to score kept being Jarvis, and team offense became predictable, and with Jarvis reaching the 31 years, and his odometer surpassing the 1000 games, albacete was diagnosed with ‘lack of scoring’.

GM Alcaraz is not shy to make a move, you can say a lot of things about him, but he breaths. eats and pees WBA, so he started to look for solutions. Albacete soon targeted a former player and Siberia University alumni Gordon Whitehouse. Whitehouse has one of the best collections of post moves in the league. The problem was that Whitehose was with the Budapest Tigers, a team ran by the TC, so negotiating with a comittee is harder than GM Bangerter voting for Hillary. Some good offers were made, but TC asked for lottery picks and young players with great potential. Luckily for the Burning Hell, the league named an interin GM for Budapest so that the could be more attractive for a future owner. Negotiations started inmediately, with Budapest knowing that they had no place for a 32 years old player in a rebuilding team. Alcaraz and Dingleberry saw young deffensive stud Tyris Mayes as the centerpiece of the offer and finally an offer of Mayes and Geoffre Caldwell as filler for cap purposes made it.

But the weekend was not over for Albacete. A second injury of tyler Kane, while a minor one drove the team to a 5 games losing streak so Alcaraz looked for one guard more, someone to come from the bench, but ready to start when needed. At that moment the Boston Massacre were shopping Otto Hameleers. At 32, Otto is a legend in the league, he still has the instincts to be a great on the ball defender, and he can create his own shot. Once again Boston was going nowhere, and Hameleers’ contract was a big one for them, so GM Alcaraz, after a meeting with team owner. received permission to go for him. GM Lawrence was hardto negotiate with, as he wanted some good pick, but once Albacete made Fury’s pick in 2015 part of the offer, it became easier to get a deal done. The offer was built about Furys pick packed with Greg Lacy’s expiring contract. We had time for a little scare, since Boston finantial situation required the to send one more player to Albacete.

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