Oh Championship Where Art Thou?

By: Mike Begley

As the sound of opening day whistles fade all over the world, as Walt Jackson GSPN highlights replay over the night, as Nikos Atirides drains his last free throw of the game, a silence enters and fans are left wondering, so which team is actually going to win this thing?

As the Juggers fell to the Rage on opening day rumors circulate the ten year freeze has not borne well for the old guard. Does Al Lee still have enough in the tank? Could it be a new age led by explosive shooting displays? Dinos and the Liberty will make the case. Will defense tried and true lead the way? Outlaws don’t look worried. Will savvy veterans return to form? Bears are keeping quiet. Will top heavy or deepness prevail? In that case there is no deeper well than the Burning Hell.

One thing we can count on is that there will be surprises. You can certainly count on the Fanatics to be brewing up a winning recipe for the season. Or at least brewing something.  Will Birkenstein ahem Wally Birkhead finally emerge as the league’s premier defensive anchor? And what’s going on in Capetown something about sharing the ball? Questions abound as Ira Redwine just tries to fit in.

It’s obviously too early to tell. Power rankings will attempt predictions but the only thing we can count on is the unexpected. In this case I have my eye on an emerging westside story. Perhaps not the most politically correct choice. Call them sleepers. They do play around a train there. But don’t call them flying under the radar. Because they don’t fly. And certainly don’t call them Chanticleers. They ain’t no Chanticleers!

That’s right sirs my pick for early favorite is none other than the Sacramento Fighting Cocks! Starting the season with two convincing wins this team can score and defend with the best of them. GM Justin Lawrence has put together an interesting ensemble. Boasting perhaps the most explosive guard / big man combo in the league Samir Sheth and John Van Horne on the pick and roll will indubitably result in either a dunk or two free throws and certainly a bruised ego on the part of the defender. Yes sir! Two unstoppable forces that’s all a team really needs on offense. Unless of course you have one unstoppable force and a few nearly unstoppable forces. Anyways couple this with three of the best defenders the league has to offer (Edgar Kamara, Bobby Egan, Evelio Jackson) and this becomes intriguing. Kamara as the designated alley oop passer can defend multiple positions with ease. Egan perhaps the league’s preeminent pickpocket makes guards regret not working harder on their ball handling.  While Jackson following in his mentor’s footsteps is emerging as a top perimeter defender yes he will be in your face if you try to shoot!

Are the Fighting Cocks ready to contend just yet? Perhaps not it’s only day 2. It doesn’t seem any team is quite ready. But being one piece away is a pretty darn good place to be. What that piece will be is the question each team will face. This team has bite and it will bite. It will scratch. It will peck. And bygone it will wrestle for the 2013 WBA championship!


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