POST HIATUS MOCK DRAFT (part 1. Lottery)

By Ramsay Snow

  1. Andorra Highlanders: Charles Unger SG

Unger will never be an elite scorer, but he can shot the ball from deep really well. He is one of the best passers in the draft, and a dominant rebounder in his position. Paired with a scoring guard like Nikos Atirides, they could form a great guard combo for years to come.

VALUE INDEX: 9.65                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 8.30


  1. Las Vegas Gamblers: Napoleon Carter PG

Carter is the most athletic player in the draft, he is relentless and can jump out of the gym. He knows how to get to the line, and while he needs to improve his shooting touch, he gets his job done from deep. He is projected to be a good defender too

VALUE INDEX: 10.0                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 7.33


  1. Paris Juggers: Trevor Tomlin PG

Scouts like Tomlin a lot. THey see a great shooting mechanic, and with some work, he could be a great shooter. Besides he sees the floor very well, and in a good organized team he could end being a great passer.

VALUE INDEX: 7.99                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 8.95


  1. Mexico City Hellcats: William Dore SG

At 19, Dore is projected to be a good all around player who will take some time to develop. Right now, he is quick as hell, abd his 3 pointer will be one of the best in the league

VALUE INDEX: 8.05                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 7.98


  1. Rochester Riders: Larry Christner PG

Another 19 years old youngster, Christner is a great proyect of a PG. He has the tools to be special, and scouts rave about how good he can be on defense. SOme teams will pass on him due to his shooting, but it seems fixable

VALUE INDEX: 7.20                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 9.60


  1. Rochester Riders: Ronald BArtholomew SF

Bartholomew is a 24 years old senior who can score in bunches. He has little room for improvement, but Rocherter needs someone to share the load of Dave Williams

VALUE INDEX: 8.78                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 6.68


  1. Seoul Dragons: Ira Redwine PG

Redwine will score from the very first day in the league. His problem will be a SG mentality in a PG body. HE needs to learn to take care of the ball, and feed his teamates

VALUE INDEX: 7.29                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 8.45


  1. Cincinnati Hitmen: Hugo Gutierrez C

Gutierrez could be the hidden gem in the draft. Sky is the limit for him, but it will take a lot of years to develop. He is a very good shooter in the gym, but he needs to translate it to real games. He has very good hands too and a good feel for the rebounding thing.

VALUE INDEX: 5,74                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 10.00


  1. Baltimore Pirates: Jordon McCoy PG

McCoy could be the top scoring rookie at seasons end. HE has a great jumper and is automatic from the line. Word is that he is a really hard worker and is improving as a floor general

VALUE INDEX: 6.91                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 8.30


  1. Nebraska Sun Warriors: William Lomas SG

The Sun Warriors have no SG, and here, they pick one who will put the ball in the basket, thats it, dont ask Lomas to pass or defend, he makes baskets, from any point on the court…just pass him the ball and get out of the way

VALUE INDEX: 7.14                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 7.98


  1. Miami Xtreme: Merlin Lundy PF

Lundy is a player who will need to be double teamed in the post. He has a lot of moves in the post. Rebounding will always be an issue, but he will be a smart player who finds ways to contibute

VALUE INDEX: 7.43                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 7.40


  1. Cincinnati Hitmen: Stanislav Khristich SG

A really young player who has the chance to contribute for years to come due to his shooting and good work in the defensive end. He could be a liability when he puts the ball on the floor

VALUE INDEX: 7.14                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 7.08


  1. Gabon Giants: Gary Aguilar SF

Aguilarwill be one of those glue guys who does all the little things to help your team. Great rebounder from the small forward, he is solid in defense.

VALUE INDEX: 7.35                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 6.75


  1. Frankfurt Fury: Jason Nolan PG

Nolan has some potential to be a competent rotation player in the league. If he develops his 3 pointer as scouts expect, he always will find a team asking for him

VALUE INDEX: 7.87                           POTENTIAL INDEX: 6.10

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