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Zagrieb Zano:

Normally, I report on the intricacies of the league and leave the PR pieces to the fluff writers such as Mr. Chambers. But when you have a team that is streaking towards the finals, every little thing they do is watched. The public wants to be a part of the success. The Fanatics know how to win, there is no mistake about that. They win so much, you have to wonder if they will get tired of winning. Currently riding a 8 game win streak, going 9-1 in their last 10. They are fighting for the top seed in the Western Conference against friend and for Capetown.

So when I heard they were going to unveil a new logo, I felt it out of respect for our readers, I should be the one to report on it. I took the opportunity to talk with SLC GM Brad Bangerter about the new logo.


Zagrieb Zano: The Fanatics have had a classic logo for quite some time. What was the driving force in making a change?

Brad Bangerter: Well Zagrieb, while we don’t like to make changes for the sake of making a change. We understand that sometimes you simply need to update your look every so often. We gave our fans a chance to offer up designs and we simply chose the one that represented our team the best.

ZZ: Walk me through the new logo and the different elements to it? Many teams have a cute bear or chicken as their mascot.

BB: You may recall once the franchise moved from Indiana to Salt Lake, we could have stayed with the Shakers mascot. But we wanted to represent our fans as being the team mascot. They are the ones that cheer the loudest and support is in the tough times as well as the great times. Our fans are so fanatical in nature, it was easy to adopt that. We had the logo with a fist as if it was punching someone in the face. This new logo returns the fist, however now it is going vertical. It still represents our tough defensive style. But shows that we are simply headed upwards above the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. Laced with our team colors of Purple, Cyan and Red. This was submitted by one of our fans in Oregon; a Mr. Harper. We have a global fan base because we appeal to those who work for what they want. And we have done just that.

ZZ: How many other logo submissions did you have, can you tell us about some of them that you didn’t chose?

BB: We literally had thousands of logo’s, some requesting that we change our name to the Bearz, or the Grizzlez or Beez. There was one submission that came in second, submitted by a man up in southern Canada (Rochester Providence). Mr. Williams who is a latex salesman for Van Delay industries up there submitted a terrific design that wasn’t too different then our eventual winner. The significant difference was that it had a finger pointing indicating we were number one. We felt that was a little bit over the top. We don’t need to remind people that we are the best. All they have to do is look at the standings and see that we are on top every day. It is easy for those to see the game scores and know we won another one. So we didn’t feel we needed to be self-serving with that constant reminder. When you have the best record, people already know about it as they have known about it all season long.

ZZ: Thanks for your time, I know you need to get ready for winning your 9th game in a row, and with what will likely be the top seed in the conference. This new logo will permeate to all its fans, with its “Hand of God” look. Which for our Spanish friends means el mano de Dios, may it continue to help you win games.

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