Trade Of Many

By: Don Champion (The Don)

The first look at this trade one may think that is just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. There was a total of 12 players, 7 draft picks and a total of 4 teams involved in this trade. But if you look a little closer, each team benefits in its own way.



Frankfurt was determined to get rid of their huge salaries Gill at 8.1 and Dimateo at 8.5. They wanted to move both players so they contacted Omaha to see if they wanted a shooting guard. But they needed to get something in return so they moved on to talk with Toronto as far as getting some young talent to replace the two veterans. So, after talking with Toronto, Baltimore was willing to move their 2015 first round pick in order to recoup a first round pick and three second round picks. The trade halted because Baltimore wanted young talent. So, Frankfurt decided to take on a couple veteran contracts along with the young talent to make the trade go through so they receive PF Kramer, PF Crouch, PG Saks, PG Vilasny, as well as PF Spalding.



Short and sweet for Toronto they gave up some young bench talent to get the center that they needed to go along with the dynamic starting lineup. The only thing missing was a Center. They were able to get C Mike Bennett from Frankfurt.



To think Baltimore was just an add-on to  this trade. They were asked to give up a first round pick in 2015 and in return they got back at 2014 first round pick. On top of that they got three additional second round picks plus they received two young players one being 22-year-old David Flores SG and 22-year-old multi position SF Coomas Neetar. They bring both of them in to team up with 21-year-old PF rookie Neville Blake, 24-year-old free agent SF Justus Rhodes, 23-year-old amazing SG Arturo Fonzarelli. Watch out! Here comes the Pirates.



GM Kelley Avery looks like he is a madman for taking on these huge contracts. The owner wanted a shooting guard, so GM Avery went and got a SG. Bring in Harold Gil the perfect fit for what the Omaha team is trying to do. They received a first round pick as well as a second round pick, while also moving a three-year deal on a 33-year-old PG contract.


So, the trade is done. The players have moved. The picks have been given. Is this a good trade? For some yes, but for others no. You can be the judge. We have to wait for the season to play out to find out how this 4 team trade worked out for each team.

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