Wild Streaking

By: Don Champion (The Don)

Who has the second longest winning streak in the WBA? Yes you guessed it the Wild. They are on a seven game winning streak. Is this something to be happy and cheering for or is it all done with smoke and mirrors. Let’s take a closer look at this winning streak.

The Wild are 20th in scoring 14th in offenseive rebounds 21st in defensive rebounds 19th in total rebounds 14th in the sis 27th in block shots. So, with all those totals being on the lower end of the league how are they managing to keep this winning streak alive? Let’s look at their opponents.

They’ve play the Tigers, the Gamblers, the Sun Warriors, and the Mayhem all the teams combined have a record of 37 – 85. They have play the Sun Warriors three times and the Tigers twice. So the competition that they are playing is all below .500. The good thing about this is that they are winning those games. Let’s look at things they do well.

The Wild are 5th in defensive of scoring, they are 7th in defensive of the assist and 6th in creating turnovers. They are 6th in turnover margin, and they are also 8th in defensive FG%. (The Don) things that the Wild is using smoking mirrors to complete all these wins.

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