Winning in March

Ron Chambers

The WBA has a long season. While winning in November is important for determining play-off standings what is really important is playing well at the end of the season. With that in mind here is a quick look at how teams have played since March 1st. Or I should say a look at the best performing teams since March 1st.

#1 Brooklyn 14-2

They have been the hottest team coming down the stretch. They have the talent to go all the way and have avoided any serious injuries so far.

#2 Salt Lake City 14-3

I hate to admit it, but this team has been on fire. The West is tough though and they will have some serious competition in their quest for a championship. But, even if they can’t do it this year they are positioned to be i the hunt for years to come.

#3 (Tied) Cancun 12-3

No surprise here. Cancun had a 15 game wining streak which is the longest in the WBA this year. They are also just half a game behind Brooklyn for best record in the league. I expect Cancun and SLC to have an epic battle in the West.

#3 (Tied) Baltimore 12-3

This one is a surprise. After a slow start, Baltimore has really come on in the last month! They play efficient basketball with few mistakes and great shooting. Currently, they are #6 in the East. They probably won’t climb higher than #5 but there is an outside chance of them climbing as high as #3. Most likely though, they are looking to put a hurt on who ever ends up #4 in the East.

#5 Oregon 13-4

This franchise is looking to move back to Tokyo and they would love to get another championship before they do. They have the talent and are playing well enough but will probably have to battle through two or three teams without homecourt advantage to do so.

#6 Paris 11-4

They won it all last year and started relatively slow this year. But, since the All-star break they are one of the best teams in the league. Will they be able to pull it all together to make it back to center ring? I doubt it but they could…and at the very least they will probably cause some serious stress for teams like Toronto and Brooklyn.

#7 Toronto 11-5

Walt Jackson…I thought about stopping there but that isn’t fair to the rest of the team. I just have to point out how crazy Toronto’s PG situation is. They have Jervan Timmons starting who when all is said and done may end up as the best PG in WBA history. But, coming off the bench behind him they have Chuch Henderson who IS the best PG in WBA history. There is no better tutor for young Timmons.

#8 Capetown 11-5

It is kind of shocking to see Capetown this far down the list. But, 11-5 is still darn good. They had a terrible February where they only went 5-7 nd they were still righting the ship in the beginning of March. They have gone 7-1 over the last 8 so they seem to be on track again.

#9 Omaha 10-5

At the beginning of the season, I would never have expected to see Omaha on a list like this. They have even had some impressive wins against teams like Oregon, Baltimore, and Capetown during this time. They are still only 2 games over .500 and will probably face Capetown or Oregon in the first round of the play-offs. But, still this is a good sign for their future.

#10 New York 10-6

Marc Hameleers continued to talk up his former team even after leaving for Colorado. It seems they are finally pulling it together and have just now reached .500. But, they have to keep playing well if they want to make the play-offs. Cincinatti is within easy stricking distance and Andorra and Albacete still have outside chances.

#11 Rochester 9-5

The Raiders have had some terrible injuries this year. Williams and Bolke have both missed extended time early in the season and it has taken Rochester some time to find their groove. But, they are getting there and will be dangerous in the play-offs. It looks like they will finish in the 7th spot which will match them up against division rival Toronto. They have the talent to upset the Dinos but have yet to beat them this year.

#12 Miami 9-6

For much of the season Miami was all the rage. They were the surprise team that was keeping up with the big boys. But, they have gone a little cold recently.  Since the All-star game they are only 12-11. They righted the ship some after their 5 game skid but whil 9-6 is respectable it won’t compete with the best teams in the East. A first round match up with Baltimore could be tragedy. Fortnately for them, it looks like Baltimore will pass London.

#13 Gabon 9-6

This is another team that a while back was playing as good as anyone. They made some big trades to compete for a championship this year but have not played as well since those trades were made.

#14 Frankfurt 9-7

I know Frankfurt is completely out of the play-off race but 9-7 is still repectable andI wanted to give this team some props for playing hard to win at the end of the season.

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