2013 WBA All-Star Predictions

By Dana Orr

With the All-Star game only days away it is time for me to predict who I think will be named to the All-Star teams:

Western Conference
PG Parker Mason – Cancun 23.2 ppg 6.1 rpg 5.3 apg 2.6 spg 46.6 fg% 43.9 3p%
SG Ahmed Dougherty – Cancun 21.2 ppg 5.0 rpg 3.5 apg 45.9 fg% 42.1 3p%
SF Cordell Parks – Salt Lake City 20.2 ppg 7.8 rpg 3.4 apg 1.9 spg 46.1 fg% 36.2 fg%
PF John Devine – Gabon 24.6 ppg 9.6 rpg 2.4 apg 50.2 fg% 50.9 3p%
C Pat Stephenson – Arkansas 19.7 ppg 10.1 rpg 2.2 bpg 52.4 fg% 41.0 3p%

PG Charlie Meyers – Gabon 17.7 ppg 5.7 rpg 7.2 apg 1.5 spg 43.5 fg% 40.0 3p%
SG Eugene LaMaitre – Salt Lake City 20.0 ppg 6.1 rpg 2.0 apg 44.1 fg% 25.4 3p%
SF Marquez Houston – Oregon 18.7 ppg 10.1 rpg 3.8 apg 46.5 fg% 40.2 3p%
PF Abdiel Gordon – Capetown 23.1 ppg 8.3 rpg 3.1 apg 52.2 fg% 49.4 3p%
C Jarred Roe – Gabon 14.9 ppg 6.6 rpg 45.1 fg% 37.0 3p%
PG Bishop Stein – Oregon – 24.2 ppg 5.9 rpg 6.4 apg 43.5 fg% 41.7 3p%
PF Gerhold Verholm – Omaha 21.2 ppg 4.8 rpg 47.3 fg% 40.8 3p%

PG Austyn Williams – Salt Lake City 14.6 ppg 7.4 apg 1.8 apg 45.6 fg% 46.8 3p%
SG Maury Coleman – Charlotte 21.3 ppg 5.3 rpg 2.9 apg 43.8 fg% 41.9 3p%
C Simeon Hill – Oregon 10.2 ppg 13.0 rpg 1.2 bpg 40.8 fg% 30.8 3p%
C Lou Gonzales – Oregon 13.2 ppg 6.3 rpg 1.5 spg 3.6 bpg 48.6 fg%

I expect Cancun, Salt Lake City, and Oregon to all have multiple All-Stars. The only surprise I have is Gabon’s Jarred Roe as a reserve at center. The center position in the WBA is no longer as dominant as it was in the early years when Boom-Boom Casey and Jim McCarthy were dominating, followed by Lou Gonzales. Actually, if I were picking All-Stars, I would chose Lou Gonzles as he is still dominating on the defense end, even if he is on the decline on the offensive end. However, I believe instead of respecting a legend at end of his career, those in charge of determining the rosters are looking for new younger players to showcase instead (and All-Star games in most sports never seem to be about defense anyways). Charlie Meyers is another young up-and-coming star on Gabon looking to make his first All-Star game after putting together a career season with his new team.

Eastern Conference
PG DaRond Lyons – New York 29.7 ppg 3.5 rpg 3.0 apg 1.4 spg 46.9 fg% 42.6 3p%
SG Mario Bailey – Brooklyn 26.5 ppg 5.4 rpg 3.3 apg 2.3 spg 53.1 fg% 30.6 3p%
SF Walt Jackson – Toronto 26.6 ppg 9.8 rpg 2.7 apg 49.6 fg% 48.0 3p%
PF Heiko Van Brandt – Rochester 16.6 ppg 10.4 rpg 4.6 apg 47.2 fg%
C Ellis Law – Andorra 20.0 ppg 6.6 rpg 1.7 apg 59.5 fg%

PG Omar Jefferson – Brooklyn 19.5 ppg 2.8 rpg 7.3 apg 1.7 spg 47.9 fg% 44.6 3p%
SG Dave Troychak – Miami 23.5 ppg 3.2 apg 1.8 spg 49.7 fg%
SF Wayne Taylor – Long Island 29.3 ppg 7.2 rpg 2.5 apg 50.9 fg% 46.6 3p%
PF Isaac Rice – Andorra 18.5 ppg 8.0 rpg 1.8 apg 46.5 fg% 32.4 3p%
C Al Herbert – Brooklyn 13.3 ppg 9.3 rpg 3.2 apg 2.1 spg 1.2 bpg 43.7 fg% 40.4 3p%
SG Danny Hainge – Long Island 24.6 ppg 4.0 apg 1.2 spg 45.6 fg% 44.7 3p%
SG Brandon Filipovic – Frankfurt 24.5 ppg 4.5 rpg 2.6 apg 46.3 fg% 47.2 3p%

PG Shermar Mahara – London 22.1 ppg 3.7 rpg 4.7 apg 43.4 fg% 43.9 3p%
SG Dave Williams – Rochester 30.0 ppg 5.9 rpg 2.5 apg 48.1 fg% 42.5 3p%
SG Jay Dickinson – Baltimore 19.2 ppg 5.3 rpg 47.9 fg% 49.3 3p%
SG Nikos Atirides – Andorra 25.2 ppg 3.7 apg 1.6 spg 44.4 fg% 40.3 3p%
PG Isaac Edmondson – Toronto 7.5 ppg 2.9 rpg 10.5 apg 2.6 spg 36.8 fg% 32.4 3p%
PG Jervan Timmons – Miami 6.7 ppg 11.3 apg 2.2 spg 42.1 fg%

The Eastern Conference should be led by my pick for MVP through the first half, Walt Jackson of Toronto, at small forward. The fact that starters are determined by exact positions will mean scoring machine Wayne Taylor will be a reserve despite his 29.3 points per game (3rd in the WBA). Also, the Eastern Conference is loaded with guard talent, especially at the shooting guard spot, which may lead to fans and even general managers of some teams complaining about snubs once the rosters are announced. There is no doubt in my mind Mario Bailey, the best player on the best team in the Eastern Conference, will be named starter, but who is picked after that could be fuzzy. Dave Williams is leading the WBA in points per game, but him missing 14 games this year due to injury may hurt his chances. Instead of Williams making it as a reserve at shooting guard, I have Dave Troychak, the leading scoring of the Atlantic Division-leading Miami Xtreme, Danny Hainge, part of the high scoring tandem with Wayne Taylor on Long Island, along with Brandon Filipovic, the one bright spot on a struggling Frankfurt Fury team. When it comes to point guards, whether it is fair or not, scoring plays a huge role in who will get selected to the All-Star team, so Isaac Edmondson and Jervan Timmons will likely not be chosen despite being the top two leaders leaders in assists per game, and instead, the high-scoring guards I have mentioned will be chosen.

Brooklyn has the best record in the Eastern Conference, and should be rewarded with three players as All-Stars: Mario Bailey and Omar Jefferson being locks (though DaRond Lyon of New York’s 29.7 points per game will probably net him the starting point guard spot over Jefferson), and Al Herbert, whose all-around game and lack of quality centers in the league should allow him to at least be named as a reserve.

And if All-Stars games are all about offense and no defense, then it only make sense that Isaac Rice and Ellis Law will be named All-Stars from Andorra, as they are both bigs who love to run the court, but not run back to play defense. They are both having breakout seasons, and there really isn’t anybody else out there at their positions in the East, besides them along with the aforementioned Herbert, and double-double machine Heiko Van Brandt of Rochester, whose probable All-Star selection might make Rochester somewhat more happy if my prediction of Dave Williams being snubbed occurs.

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