2013 WBA Preview: the Atlantic

By Ron Chambers

Charlotte Crusaders

PG- Jimmy Whalen: Whalen has been a starter for most of his career but came off the bench last year for the Crusaders. He is back in the starting line-up and is a solid player. He passes well and doesn’t turn the ball over too much. However, he isn’t going to stand out in any way either.

SG- Maury Coleman: After floundering with Roswell and Oregon Coleman became a major Shooting Guard last season averaging exactly 20 points. Look for him to improve on that a little this year.

SF- Bill Blackstone: The Giant Killer became a household name when he helped lead Albacete to a victory over heavily favored Brooklyn in the 2003 play-offs. A decade later he is still going strong. He is a solid scorer and a nice compliment to Coleman who is the star.

PF- Toby McCree: McCree is a solid reserve but he doesn’t have the skill or stamina to be a reserve.

C- Marques Feldman: He has always been a reserve but is now stepping into a starting roll. He is a solid defender and rebounder but won’t make a huge impact.

Bench- Ray Estrada, AJ Schulz, & Paul Spagnolli: These are solid bench players. They just won’t be backing up enough talent.

Balitmore Pirates

PG- Anson Valente: A terrific passer who takes care of the ball. He is also a solid defender. He doesn’t score much but hehas other players for that.

SG- Jay Dickinson: Dickinson is becoming a serious Shooting Guard. He is a good scorer, excellent rebounder, and solid defender. His weakness is that he is not as effecient scoring as premier Shooting Guards. If he can change that he will make a name for himself.

SF- Mike Ivey: A great shooter, very good rebounder, and solid defender. He fills in nicely at the SF position.

PF- Neville Blake: This position could just as easily start Jamie Crouch. Crouchis probably a better rebounder but Blake is a young high draft pick and I expect Baltimore will want to give him the chance to develop.

C- Don Laine: Laine is a good tough rebounder and defender.

Bench-Jamie Crouch, Tony Patrick, Justus Rhodes, & Joe Watts: This is a solid reserve rotation.

Miami Xtreme

PG- Isaac Edmondson: He is one of the best passers in the league. The knock against him has always been his terrible offense. But, it looks as though he may be much impreved this year in that area.

SG- Dave Troyckak: Troyckak is a lights out scorer and a great defender. He actually doesn’t get as much respect as he deserves because his rebounding is weak but he is one of th best offensive threats in the league. The one offensive mark against him is that he is not good beyond the arch and does not stretch the defense as much as some other two-guards.

SF- Darryl Whittaker: This guy is a star in the making. He can score, rebound, and play defense. He is the type of all around player that many GM’s like at the Small Forward.

PF- Oman Fatafehi: Some argue that despite Troyckak’s scoring and his fan support that Fatafehi is the best player on the Xtreme. They are probably right. He is the teams best rebounder and a good and efficient scorer. He is also an excellent defender.

C- Jose Nobis: With Yeager aging Nobisis expected to move into the starting line-up. Nobis is a tough on the offensive and defensive ends but doesn’t rebound terribly well. Fatafehi makes up for a lot of that but this team needs more rebounding.

Bench-Trevor Tomlin, William Dore, Gus Rizzolo & Bill Yeager: Trevor Tomlin is a very capable reserve PG off the bench. With time, he will become a great passer and very good defender.Rookie William Dore will develop into a good player with time though probably never the star that Troyckak is. Rizzolo split minutes with Whittaker as the SF last year. He is still the better rebounder but as Whittaker has improved expect Rizzolo to play fewer minutes. Yeager is a former star but currently only a serviceable reserve.

Cincinnati Hitmen

PG- Tim Rambuka: This yound player may not end up being the starter. Honestly, he isn’t ready but the Hitman have so little talent at Point Guard and he shows themost potential to develop into a good Point.

SG- Dennis Evans: Evans has proven to be a solid Shooting Guard for the Hitmen over the years. The one knock against him has beenhis scoring efficiency. That will continue to be an issue and keeps his name out of most discussions about top Shooting Guards

SF- Angelo Bacchi: Bacchi is a young talent who will start to shine this year. He is a very good ebounder for his position and a good scorer who is improving. He is still young and needs to improve but he has a world of talent.

PF- Craig Bradshaw: Bradshaw is one of the best rebounders in the league and a perenial stud at the center position. But, I expect that this year he will make the move to power forward to allow Grant room to mature.

C- Justice Grant: Grant is another young talent for the Hitmen. His conditioning is still a huge issue and he will only see limited minuted because of it which will give Staton a lot of time to shine as well. With time Grant will be a very good Center, especially if he can improve his conditioning with time.

Bench- Evan Alton, Tyler Durden, Ronald Bartholome, & Alonso Staton: Alton is a solid scorer but not much of a floor general. He could be a good offensive punch off the bench. But, his defense isfar from impressive. Durden is gettin up in years but has always been an efficient scorer which will get him minutes and even put him in the running for a starting job. Bartholomew is a talented rookie and with enough time he could get some attention this year. The rookie Staton will develop into a nice play and he will get plenty of time at both PF and C to develop.

Boston Massacre

PG- Otto Hameleers: Hameleers has always been more of a Shooting Guard. He is a very good Shooting Guard and a fantastic defender but he will be put in an uncomfortable position in Boston. He will be expected the run the offense.

SG- Brenden Dawson: Dawson has the potential to develop into a good Shooting Guard but he still has a ways to go. There are questions about how efficient of a scorer he will be. If last year is an indicator he needs to improve inthis area.

SF- Ajani Valentine: Valentine is a great shooter, very good defender, and rebounder. He will become an excellent player and I expect that this will be his break out year.

PF- George Faup: A good all around defender and decent rebounder.

C- Tyriq Lang: He started for the first time last season and I expect that the Masacre will keep him there. He is a solid scorer and a good rebounder. He also has a solid defensive game.

Bench- Henry Henry, Ed Summerall, & Mathew Pitcher: Henry has the best PG potential of any player on the Massacre but he is far from ready. It will be interesting to see if and how the Massacre use him to try and develop his talent. Summerall also has potential and should get some developmental time as well. Mathew Pitcher may start of he may be a spark off the bench. That all depends on the style that management decided to take. He is a great inside scorer but he just isn’t much of a defender.


  1. Baltimore
  2. Miami
  3. Charlote
  4. Boston
  5. Cincinatti
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