2013 WBA Preview: the Euro Division

By Ron Chambers

Euro Division

Albacete Burning Hell

PG- Tyler Kane: There isn’t  alot of talk about Kane anymore.But, there is no good reason for that. He is an excellent passer who takes care of the ball and he is am excellent defender. He doesn’t score a lot onthe Burning Hell but that isn’t his job.

SG- Hary Jarvis: Jarvis is an Albacete icon. He is a pure scorer who will continue to score this season. But, as much as the Albacete organization loves him- they proposed that their new arena be names after him- the team will not live or die by his shot. He isn’t a scorer like Dave Williams who will regularly take over a game anymore. But, he will make his shots and all of Spain will continue to love him.

SF- Raphael Parks: Parks is developinginto a big time Small Forward. He is a great rebounder and defender and a decent scorer. He plays the fullgame which is important with players like Jarvis who are specialists.

PF- Greg Lacy: He is really more of a Center but Albacete is counting on his rebounding, ball handling, and defense to help Jarvis stand out. And, it should work. Lacy is a very goud rebounder and defender and makes some of the best decisions with the ball of any big man in the league.

C- Ruben Sax: Sax has never been a starter but this should be a break out season for him and he could be inthe running for most improved. He is a great rebounder and defender. But, not a real scoring threat. Which does raise the question of if Albacete has enough scoring besides Jarvis.

Bench- Pete Nelson, Rchard Ayer, Matt Archer, and Walter Walter: This is a solid bench. Nelson won’t get may highlights but he is very efficient. Ayer reminds me of Jarvis. He is a big time scoring threat of the bench. rcher is a good all around big man. And, Walter Walter will be a big name in the WBA in a few years. But, it still seems like all of Albacete’s scoring is at the Shooting Guard which may be a problem when they face teams like Brooklyn or Sacramento with shut down defenders at the off guard.

London Disco

PG- Sherman Mahara: In his second year Mahara is expected to show he will be a star. He is a scoring Point Guard like Omar Jefferson but unlike Jefferson he is willing to fight for rebounds. But, he isn’t quite as solid as Jefferson defending. Still, this guy is for real and expect him to be a stud in London for years.

SG- Bert Haug: London spent a premium to get Haug. But, anything that Mahara lacks in defense Haug makes up for. He is hands down one ofthe best two-guard defenders inthe league. He is exactly the type of player that could cause Albacete problems so it will be interesting to see these two teams go at it. But, don’t forget that Haug is also a very good scorer.

SF- Chance Crowley: He still needs a coupleof years to develop. He will eventually be an excellent defender and good defender inside and out. He is also a good scorer but will struggle for shots on this team.

PF- Harry Applegate: London is Applegate’s fourth team but he seems to have found a home here. He is yet another good scorer on this offensively minded team and a good defender and rebounder.

C- Sergei Danilov: Finally, there is a Disco who doesn’t worry about scoring. Danilov is all about rebounding and defending. He does them both well. He is a great fit for this team with so many weapons.

Bench- Wu Dian-Fan and Trevor Ellis: The biggest weakness on this team is a lack of deapth. Wu Dian-Fan is one of the best bench players in the league and should be a condender for 6th man of the year.

Frankfurt Fury

PG- Yuri Vilasny: There is no doubt that Vilasny is one fot he best pure Point Guards in the league. Good defense and one of the best decision makers with the ball there is.

SG- Branko Filipovic: Filipovic is a pure scorer who is also a little more rounder than a player like Jarvis. He isone of the best long range shooters inthe league and will get a ton of passes from Vilasny.

SF- Jim Woods: A scorer and well rounded player. He is stepping into the starting line-up for the first time this year but he is ready.

PF- Jamie Crouch: Crouch is a good scorer and tough player. But, he is undersized and not as strong of a rebounder as the Fury need here.

C- Shawn Jones: This kid is going to be a terrific player. But, he isn’t there yet. He will struggle with the better Centers in the league but the experience will be good for him down the road.

Bench- Chase Fey, Bob Delaney, Ray Tango, & Nike Johnson: These are all solid players off the bench. But, they are small and not tough enough. Frankfurt seems to want to play small ball but they don’t have enough talent.

Paris Juggers

PG- Reid Dall: Dall is not a big scoring Point Guard or a highly proliffic passer. But, he takes tremendous care of the ball and is a very good defender.

SG- Scott Lio: Lio is the type of player thatseems to be very popular at the Small Forward position in the WBA. He is a solid all around player. He isn’t a great shooter like many other Shooting Guards in this conference but he is a tough defender and a team player who is willing to give his body up for a rebound.

SF- Al Lee: The Juggers put their good shooter at Small Forward. Lee however isn’t just a good shooter he is an excellent all around player. He is about as balanced a player as there is.

PF- Anthony Curtis: There is a trend. Curtis like Lee and Lio is a fine all around player. He isn’t a terrific rebounder but Paris has good rebounders at other positions. The emerging question though is if Paris is just too rounded without enough particular strengths.

C- Jay Vasquez: Same story here. Another VERY good all around player. He is a little more of a defensive specialist than the last three players though.

Bench- Jim McCarthy, William Lomas, & Vincent Robinson: Former Star Jim McCarthy may be the best big man inthe league coming off the bench. Lomas is a good young spark off the bench but too small to be playing as much as he is at Small Forward. Vincent Robinson is a good PG off the bench.

Andorra Highlanders

PG- Ira Redwine: There are a lot of expectations on this kid since he was the #1 pick. I have no doubt that he will be a great player. But, i also think he is playing out of position. He is a scorer not a floor general. That is maybe the biggest weakness with this team. They don’thave a floor general. Maybe if they had a strong point forward like Kamara in Sacramento but they don’t. Redwinewill have a solid season and probably become a star but he does not distribute the ball well and that will hurt Andorra.

SG- Nikos Atirides: The Greek bomber or whatever they are calling him now is the real deal. He is a pure scorerand a good defender. The down side for him is he will almost never mix it up for a rebound. He has a pretty game and may be a little too concerned about it staying pretty.

SF- Devonta Corrigan: I love this guy. He is a tough rebounder and scorer. He isn’t as strong of a defender and one would like but he is still a stud who will have a great season. His scoring will probably be down some this year since there are such scoring threats around him though.

PF- Isaac Rice: There is nothing this guy can’t do. He scorer and rebounds and defends. He could use some improvement on hsi defensive fundamentals but he will get steals and blocks. It is hard to beleive that Andorra is his fifth team an that this will be his first time on the same team for two yers in a row!

C- Ellis Law: Every single starter on this team is a scoring threat. Law found the perfect team for him. On most teams he wouldn’t start becausehe really is not a good rebounder. But, with Corrigan and Rice he gets a pass. But, his defenseis lacking and that is harder to forgive. Fortunately for him there aren’t many dominant scoring big men inthe league right now.

Bench- Skye French; Chris Aranda, and Glen Rabon: French is this team PG of the future. In a few years he will be able to start at Point Guard and the team and move Redwine to SG where he belongs. Aranda may never be a serious starter in this league…maybe he will…but he is the type of player any team would love to have coming off the bench as a sixth man. Rabon is a pure inside bruser andin the right situation he could develop into a starter. But, for now he is really nice coming off the bench.



  1. London
  2. Andorra
  3. Paris
  4. Albacete
  5. Frankfurt
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