Drug Scandal in Salt Lake?

By Zagrieb Zano

Earlier today, news broke of what appeared to be a scandalous series of messages between SLC Fanatics GM Brad Bangerter, and an unnamed GM. While this is truly news worthy, knowing Mr. Chambers and his style of “reporting”, I have determined that it was up to someone like myself to actually get the facts and not count on speculation. As fortune would have it, I happen to be in Salt Lake, after watching the second crushing defeat of conference power house Capetown Zulu’s.

GM Bangerter was kind enough to give me a few minutes in light of the potential scandal to his 1st place team.

Zagrieb Zano – Mr. Bangerter, congrats on yet another great win over Capetown. Holding Abdiel Gordon to only 11 points, it seems that Capetown is good except for when they face your Fanatics, or your brother’s Miami team.

Brad Bangerter – Thank you very much Zagrieb. It was truly a great win for our club, and very key for us when we get ready for playoffs. Having potential home court advantage against one of the league’s best Gm’s Adrian Arceo, could easily determine who goes on to the Finals. Unfortunately, I know you are not really here to talk about the great game, or how it could appear that my Fanatics are the Zulu’s daddy.

ZZ – Unfortunately you are correct. You have obviously seen news about your alleged admittance to providing some of your players with Human Growth Hormone. This apparently was taken from your private messaging account.

BB – I have seen the news, but I similar to STOP signs, I don’t believe everything I read. In fact I read that the Democratic Party had already selected their nominee, and I was like, but what about California’s vote? Don’t their votes count? Don’t they matter? I say all Californian’s matter. I can tell you this with certainty, that we train our players with the best techniques available. We have the best trainers. We use the best medicine. We are making the Fanatics the best team in the league. And we follow the rules. And once the league has a way for testing for HGH, then I will be first on board to agree with it.

ZZ – While true, there is no accurate way to test for HGH, but I am confused, are you saying since it can’t be diagnosed, you are not above providing that to your players?

BB – Zagrieb, I think you are reading more into this then any logical man would be. And to prove it you can take a picture of that exact conversation which to get to the truth.


ZZ- I am not sure what to say, this appears to be some pretty damming evidence.

BB – I couldn’t agree more, I can’t believe that Ron Chambers used a quote that had nothing to do which what kind of slop he calls writing. Rondall and I have a great working relationship. And its like we have always said. We want this league to be as even as possible in our favor. We don’t break the current rules. I know there are some who go by the credo, “If you aren’t cheating, then you aren’t trying.”

ZZ – But, Mr. Bangerter, This clearly shows that you two are working together and not for the benefit of the league.

BB – What? Let me see that? Oh that is the wrong text. My account was hacked. We have called the authorities and they have indicated the hack was probably from someone in Europe. Now, I have an important meeting with the commissioner about something completely unrelated to these false accusations.

ZZ – Thank you Mr. Bangerter. To my readers, I think there are more questions than answers at this point. But having looked at the first series of texts and seeing all the misspelled words it seems clear to me that the Fanatics are definitely being targeted by some devious group. It seems more likely that these messages have been edited in some way.

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