GCBA Conference Tournament Breakdown

By: (The Don) Champion

Mid-season prediction had these teams winning their conferences. (PWC) Berkeley Tech, (GEL) Appleby University, (B7) Blue Grass University, (CAC) Larry Bird University, (CWC) Mountain State, (S7) Yellowhammer State. With only two conferences picked right let’s look at the season.

Big 7 #4 Greenbriar Tech dominated the conference with a 16-2 record, while Blue Grass U. was 7 games back with a 9-9 conference record. The other two teams in the tournament are Powerhouse Williams U. and El Paseo State. To get into the GCBA tournament both teams needing to win the conference tournament. Prediction Greenbriar Tech

CAC there was a three way tie for the conference championship. Since #15 Milwaukee Tech record against the other two teams was 5-1 they win the head to head battle and get to be the regular season champs. Larry Bird U. finished 2nd and #22 Lake Crystal U. finish 3rd all with a 12-6 record. The fourth team in the tournament is Detroit Lutheran State they need a win desperately, but it will be hard. Against the top three teams Detroit Lutheran State record is 2-7, but the one good thing working for them is that every game played against Milwaukee Tech had been close and they have beaten them once. Prediction Larry Bird U.

CWC #9 Mountain State and #17 Great Plains U. finished with the same conference record 11-7 but Mountain State head to head record was 2-1 versus Great Plains U. Chaco Canyon finished 3rd 10-8 record, but the own a 2-1 record against Great Plains U and Mountain State. The 4th place team is #25 Des Moines U. they have a 9-9, but they own a 2-1 record against Mountain State. This conference tournament will be something to watch. Prediction Chaco Canyon U.

GEL #3 Jersey State won the conference with a record of 12-6. There was a three way tie for 2nd with a 10-8 record Philadelphia State won the tiebreaker and #5 Appleby finished 3rd and #10 Chesapeake finished 4th . With a 7-2 record against the rest of the teams in the tournament it is safe to say that Jersey State will win the tournament, but the two loses were double digits loses. Prediction Jersey State

PWC this is one of the two conferences that all of their teams are ranked in the top 25. The crazy thing about this conference is the 5th place team has the third best record overall and they did not make the tournament, while the team with the best overall record finish 4th in conference. #13 Midwest State with a 12-7 record wins the regular season championship while #11 Heavenly Holy Academy finished 2nd and #23 Berkeley Tech finished 3rd. #9 Westside finished 4th. Prediction Westside U.

South 7 is the other conference that all of their teams in the tournament being ranked in the top 25. #1 Yellowhammer State has been ranked that way for most of the season, but of their 4 loses 3 of them came in conference. #6 South Beach U. finished 2nd but is 0-3 against Yellowhammer State. #8 Bayou State finished 3rd they own a 2-1 record against Yellowhammer State. #16 Gainesville finished 4th they have wins over all three teams in the tournament. Prediction Yellowhammer State

The surprise team to watch out for is the #2 Georgia A&I they have accumulated a record of 27-2 only losing 1 game in conference. The key is they are 2-1 against the top 50 and they are ranked 26th in the RPI poll. Contenders or Pretenders?

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