IBF Breaking News Valerijs Zizilevs (PF)

By: Luca Fekete

On the phone during the draft I talked with Valerijs Zizilevs about his draft status to find out his feelings on which team he would like to play for. This is what he had to say, “I really don’t speak English well. Umm, I would love being somewhere that loves me to play basketball.” Just found out that Zizilevs was drafted #20 by Colorado what are you feelings about them selecting you? Zizilevs replies, I love to ski and snowboard, so sound like great place for me. Now just need to help GM Hameleers help me to love basketball in Colorado. Wait, my agent has confirmed to me that they want me to play basketball.” After talking to Zizilevs’ agent there was no hesitation they immediately emailed the signed contract. Zizilevs will sign his rookie contract and play for the Pioneers.

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