Looking at the Top 10 scorers in WBA history today.

By Ron Chambers

One fun thing about the WBA only being in its 13th season is that most of the leagues record holders are still active today. Here are a look at the top 10 scorers in WBA history and how they are fairing today.

1) Wayne Taylor 23,475 points

It is hard to believe that the all time scoringleader intheWBA is only 28! Heis in his 11th year in the league andis still going strong. He has never scored less than 20 points a gameandfor the fourth time in is career is averaging over 30 points per game. He is averagng 32.8 points per game and shooting over 51%. This guy will be scoring a lot of points for a lot of years. He has the rest of his career to try and secure his place in history for generations to come. But, so far there is one real hole in his resume. He has no championships. Worse, he has never even played in a Championship series. He will go down in history as one of the greatest scorers inWBA history but ifhe doesn’t get closer to a championship will hego down as one of the best players?

2) Dave Williams 21,797 points

At 30 Williams is still at the top of his game. he is leading the WBA in scoring at 32.8 points per game, just ahead of Wayne Taylor. He ishaving his best scoring year of his career andhe is doing it with hisbest 3-point percentage in years. But he is also shooting more three pointers than he ever has in his career. At only a quarter of a way through the season he is only 63 threepointers away from settinga person three point record. How long can he keep playing at this level? When a player getsinto their 30’s you can never tell for sure but there is no reason to suspect that he will not keep this pace up fora good long time. Heis actually having the best assist to turnover ration of his career. Maybe more importantly though 1.32 is his best points per shot of his career.

3) Boom-Boom Casey 21,396 points

Boom-Boom has been a house hold name since the beginning of the WBA. He was the first player in the WBA to average over 30 points whenin 2002-2003 he averaged 32.3 points a game. That made him a supper star! When he left Colorado his averages dropped. He has continued to drop his averages over the years but he is still a solid player playing in the WBA for his 13th season. But, I don’t think I have seen any media coverage of him this season at all. Why is that? Well, he spend two season exiled in Alaska and now comes off the bench in Salt Lake City. At 33 he doesn’t have a ton of years left in his career but if he wants them he should be a servicable reserve for a few years.

4) Harry Jarvis 19,881 points

The cult of Jarvis is alive and well. In Spain, he is practically a national hero. In fact, Albacete management is looking to name their next arena after him and there is a good chance that Harry Jarvis will actually play in the Jarvis Arena. He is 31 and still going stong. In fact, as the originally 3-point threat in the WBA he is really thriving with the new WBA rules that encourage players to take three’s by limiting how physical defenders can be out there. He is taking nine three’s a game and dropping almost 39%. His points per shot is down significantly from the height of his career but he is still doing very well at 23.9 points a game and we should expect his efficiency to improve with the return of Tyler Kane and his brilliant passing.

5) George Holt 19,792 points 

This is another 33 year old who is on the down side of his career. In the early years of the WBA he was one of the most dominant players in the WBA and a constant 20-10 player but with time he turned into a journeyman player and is with his eighth team. He is still gettng quality minutes as a reserve in Mexico City andprobably still has a couple of yearsleft in him as a reserve but his career is clearly winding down.

6) Jim McCarthy 19,732 points

McCarthy’s 8.6 points and 7.3 rebounds is a far cry from his best year at 26.3 and 12.8. But, he is the only player on the list so far that has a career average of 20-10. He is just barely behind George Holt and he is playing a lot more so he should be #5 on this list shortly. He may not be putting up the type of numbers he once did but he is still really strong playing over 31 minutes a game so expect him to be adding to his very impressive totals for several years. Heis also #4 in all-time rebounds so we can also count on him being a Hall of Famer.

7) Dave Short 19,520 points

Short is the second career 20-10 guy on this list. Like McCarthy he is 31 and past his prime but still going strong. He is also playing about 31 minutes but is averaging 13.1 points and 8.8 rebounds in Arkansas. Those numbers will keep him employed for several more years. He won a championship early in his career with Boston. It will be interest to see if late in his career he will accept a reserve roll with a top team to try and get a second championship.

8) Lou Gozales 19,239 points

What is amazing about Lou isn’t just his offense which has obviously been great since he is #8 on the list. He is also #4 in all-time steals and #1 in blocks. He is probably the best defender the league has seen so far. His stats have dropped some this year, especially in scoring. Part of that is due to changes in the league. Part of that is lower playing time and part of it is just a slow start. I expect his numbers to rise as the season continues. He is still arguably the best Center in the league and even at 32 he should be playing for quite a few more years.

9) Shane Strom 18,647 points

This second round pick has made quite a career in Brooklyn. He isn’t averaging what he did several years ago but at 16.1 he is doing well and he has actually been averaging over 20 points a game in recent games. Unless things change drastically in the near future he should still have a couple of years starting in Brooklyn which should allow him to move further up this list even if he is no longer the main focus of the Rage offense. He is atually having one of his best point per shot performances of his career which bodes well for his longevity. His playing time is down considerably. It will be interesting to see if the coaching staff in Brooklyn raises that the be more inline with past years or if they are going easier on him becaue of his age.

10) Bill Yeager 18,364 points

Yeager is benefitting from being on a Colorado team that is looking to rebuild. On top teams inthe league he would be a solid reserve but on the Pioneers he is allowed to start and continue to pad his career stats. But, even in 26 minutes a game he is only averaging 6.4 points and 5.7 rebounds a game. I think this 33 yer old has a coule more years as a reserve in this league but I think this will be his last year starting.






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