Mock Draft- The Lottery Picks

By Ron Chambers

Originally the GSPN Editors had not asked me to write an article predicting the draft order. But, when they saw how diferently I valued the talent from my colleague Ramsay Snow they changed their minds. I have a lot of respect for Ramsay but when I saw he predicted SG Charles Unger to go first in the draft I knew we had a difference of oppinion. To my mind he just barely sqeeks into the top five of Shoot Guard prospects. So, here are my predictions of how the lottery portion of the draft will go.

Pick #1- Andorra

Andorra is really lacking on talent right now. I’m a fan of Devonta Corrigan. He is a strong rebounding Small Forward in the last year of his contract so I expect good things. Nikos Atirides is a fantastic scorer but needs ot move to the Shooting Guard spot. I think he can start in that position this year and be a 20 point scorer. Andorra’s biggest need is at the bigs. They need someone who can produce now but they won’t be great this year so upside is also very important. Projection:  Merlin Lundy

Pick #2- Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a ton of young talent. Senecca Redd is their Center of the future. Twent-one year old Jeremy Sims is their future power forward. Those two mean they will have a ton of scoring from their big men. Justin Hill is a long Small Forward who can defend anyone anywhere. Diego Blizzard is a sharp shooting guard who is nicely complimented by Point Guard Wes Taylor. This gives them a starting line-up to build from with an average age of 23. They also have a ton of money to spend to attract talent from Free Agency. That said, I don’t expect them to sign long term contracts in free agency unless it is for a real star- and they do have the money for that- because they will have five major contracts comming up for renewal in 2015. I think they will simply go for the best potential talent and allow the player to develop. Projection: Ira Redwine

Pick #3- Paris

Jay Vasquez (C), Anthony Curtis (PF), and Scott Lio (SG) are all solid mid career players. They also have some money to spend but not a ton. That makes the question if they will go for a Point Guard or a Small Forward? It is tough to tell and it could go either way. Some scouts think Bartholomew has more talent. But I think he will become a solid role players while Christner has a chance to become a star. Projection: Larry Christner

Pick #4- Mexico City

This is another team with some good young talent. Casey Pointer is going to develop into one of the top layers inteh league. The question about him is if he will be a Point Guard or a Shooting Guard. I think the Hellcats will play him as a SG and have Dondrell Palmer as the Point because he has a little better handle. Chad Nolan is also going to develop into a star as a Small Forward though he is a bit of a tweener. At 6’10” he is certainly tall enough to play Power Forward but he lacks a little in strength. But, he may also be just a tad slow for playing the SMall Forward spot. Jack Berkley will also develop into a solid defending big. But, I think Mexico City will go with another big to try and round out their roster. Don’t forget they will also have a lot of money to try and get a quality player in Free Agency. Projection: Hugo Gutierrez

Pick #5- Rochester

The Raiders have back to back picks here. This is an interesting team. Dave Williams is their star of today but he is 30 so they need to start considering his health. Heiko Van Brandt is a valuable versitile player who can excell in either forward spot. Javonte Bolk will likely become the best scoring Point Guard in the league in a few short years. Ramon Phelan is also a talented Small Forward who is under a long term contract. Finally, Jim Peyton is a solid center who is getting up in years. My guess is that Rochester will try to find young players who can take over for some of their aging stars in a few years. Prediction: Dick Pelham

Pick #6- Rochester

All teh same thoughts as above.

Prediction: Lane Saunders

Pick #7- Seoul

This is a team with a lot of money to spend but they may be better served being patient. They have good young players for the future with Daren BensonAjan Estay, & Brian Armstrong. Their greatest need is at the Small Forward position since they can play a twin tower approach. Prediction: Ronald Bartholomew

Pick #8- Cincinatti

The Hitmen have solid players at every position but not stars. They need a star. Eventhough I ranked Lomas above Sewell as a Shooting Guard many observers think that Sewell has a higher chance of making it to stardom. Prediction: Brian Sewell

Pick #9- Baltimore

Arturo Fonzarelli & Jay Dickinson are a terrific 1-2 punch at Shooting Guard and Small Forward and Anson Valente is one of the best passing guards in the league. Mike Ivey is strong and physical and will probably play as an undersized Power Forward. Don Laine is a serviceable Center. Bigs are clearly Baltimore’s weakness so I suspect they will address that issue in the draft. Prediction: Alonso Staton

Pick #10- Nebraska

Marc White (C), Simeon Hill (C/PF), and Tony Henderson (SF) are all young good players and a good base fromwhich to build. But, the Sun Warriors are in desperate need of guards. They will go for the best remaining talent at those positions. Prediction: William Lomas

Pick #11- Miami

Isaac Edmondson (PG), Dave Troychak (SG), Darryl Whittaker (SF), Oman Fatafehi(PF), and Jose Nobis (C) make a solid starting line-up. But, the X-treme have no depth right now. They will go for the best available player. Which would be either Rabon or Khristich. But, with the strong talent of Fatafehi I expect they will back-up Troychak. Prediction: Stanislav Khristich

Pick #12- Cincinnati

This is their second lottery pick. Since they have no striking need on their team they will go for the best remaining talent. Prediction: Glen Rabon

Pick #13- Gabon

There is talk that Gabon is trying hard ot move up in the draft. But, they may not be willing to pay what the must to make the move. Jarrod Roe and John Devine areboth fantastic young player but they are also both Centers. Likely Gabon will end up going with a twin towers approach. The reality though is that Gabon just doesn’t have enough talent at the smalls. The good news is that they have cap money. Look for them to draft the best small available. They also have the time to let the talent mature. Prediction: Jordon McKoy

Pick #14- Frankfurt

Yuri Vilasny (PG), Branko Filipovic (SG), Jim Woods (SG/SF), Scott Berger (SF), Mike Bennett (C) all have talent. The glaring hole is at Power Forward. Further, there are no really strong rebounders on the team so I expect Frankfurt will try to correct those problems. Unfortunately, at this point in the draft there are no real strong rebounders left and the best Power Forward left is Blake and rebounding is his real weakness. So, they will likely choose an undersized Center and move him to Power Forward. Prediction: Mark Vaden

The Comparison

As I mentioned, my picks are very different than Ramsay’s so below I am giving you them both so you can compare.

Pick .. Team .. Ramsay Snow’s Prediction .. Ron Chambers’ Prediction
#1 Andorra Charles Unger (SG) Merlin Lundy (PF)
#2 Las Vegas Napoleon Carter (PG) Ira Redwine (PG)
#3 Paris Trevor Tomlin (PG) Larry Christner (PG)
#4 Mexico City William Dore (SG) Hugo Gutierrez (C)
#5 Rochester Larry Christner (PG) Dick Pelham (C)
#6 Rochester Ronald Bartholomew (SF) Lane Saunders (PF)
#7 Seoul Ira Redwine (PG) Ronald Bartholomew (SF)
#8 Cincinatti Hugo Gutierrez (C) Brian Sewell (SG)
#9 Baltimore Jordon McKoy (PG) Alonso Staton (C)
#10 Nebraska William Lomas (SG) William Lomas (SG)
#11 Miami Merlin Lundy (PF) Stanislav Khristich (SG)
#12 Cincinatti Stanislav Khristich (SG) Glen Rabon (PF)
#13 Gabon Gary Aguilar (SF) Jordon McKoy (PG)
#14 Frankfurt Jason Nolan (PG) Mark Vaden(C)


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