The First Blockbuster Trade of the 2013 Season.

By Ron Chambers

In 2009, long time Brooklyn Rage General Manager, Rondall Reynoso, made moves to bring the young talent Omar Jefferson to Brooklyn. Brooklyn has patiently developed him into arguably hte best scoring PG in the league (22.6 pts, 8.2 ast, & 1.5 stl) and a tremendous shooter. But, Reynoso saw a chance to go after young Point Guard Jervon Timmons (4.1 pts, 11.4 ast, & 2.1 stl). On some levels ths feels like a terrible trade. Timmons is no where near the scorer that Jefferson is and Jefferson is a very servicable passer and a good defender. There is no doubt that today Jefferson is the better player. But, Timmons is young and has huge upside.

“I hated getting rid of Omar,” Reynoso said. “He is a tremendous player and I had planned for him to be a part of the Rage for years to come. But, when I look at Timmons I see a player who I think will eventually be the best Point Guard in the league.” Reynoso went on to desribe his admiration of not only Timmons’ pasing but his defense. Reynoso is clearly trying to develop a defensive powerhouse in Brooklyn similar to the early teams with Woody Reynolds and Joe Siebert.

Toronto General Manager, Brian McGuigan, similarly was sad to see his player go but was excited by the idea of Jefferson, Brandon Morfeld, and Walt Jackson each being a potential 20 point threat. “This will make us one of the best scoring teams in the league.” McGuigan beamed. Adding, “We will be an unreal three-point threat. Last year Brooklyn had Jeffersson, Bailey, and Strom all averaging 20 a game. This year we will have Jefferson, Morfeld, and Jackson doing the same.”

There are critics on all sides of this deal. Brooklyn had the second best record in the league last year and detractors see this as a needless move that lowers the offensive output of a championship contender. On the other side, some feel that Toronto gave up too early on a player who has such tremendous upside.

ABut, appologists for Tornoto point out that Timmons was so far behind the developmental curve than Walt Jackson. They feel that Toronto’s best shot at a championship revoles around the next five years while Jackson is in his prime. On the Broklyn side, some point out that Bailey is one of the most proficient scorers in the league. Jefferson took a lot of his shots. They also feel that Timmons’ pass first approach will really help both Bailey and Strom flourish in their scoring. There have also been rumors that despite Jefferson being a solid defender that Reynoso loves a crushing Defense and he was never going to get that with Jefferson.

When asked for a comment Jefferson said, “I hate to go. I had been in Brooklyn for four years and Mario is like a brother to me. Sometimes pro-ball sucks. That said, I think Walt, Brandon, and are are going to be something special and Pat [London] is going ot give us the type of depth we just weren’t going to get in Brooklyn again this year.”

Timmons was even more circumspect. “This will be my third team in three years. Everyone talks about my potential and I was second in the league in assists last year. But, sometimes I don’t feel like I will find a real home. I hope that maybe this is it.”

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