Topping the Draft

By Ron Chambers

This article will look at the top 5 players in each position in the 2013 WBA draft. I am not trying to predict who will go first. That depends on a teams need and as we know WBA GM’s areincredibly unpredictible. This is simply my thoughts on the top players at each position.

Point Guards

There are more Point Guards in the draft than any other position. There are 30 Point Guards in total.

  1. Ira Redwine- He is the best Point Guard in this draft but he is really a scoring guard. He is a good shooter who will develop into a great shooter. He is also a good passer and has all the skills to develop into a terrific defended in terms of fundamentals but he just doesn’t have the defensive aggressiveness to steal much or block shots. His conditioning is also not what it should be to be a star in this league. But, he is as quick as they come and should develop into a well-rounded scoring Point Guard.
  2. Larry Christner- Christener has a lot of developing to do but he is potentially the best natural Point Guard in the draft. He should be a top notch defender, has great handles, and a good passing. He is also the best rebounder of the top point guards in this year’s draft. He is also only 19 years old so he has time to develop to fill his potential.
  3. John McKoy- McKoy is another young Point Guard who is going pro after just one year in college. He should develop into a good scorer who has strong handling and passing skills. Defensively he is willing to take risks and may become good at steals but that also means he will have defensive breakdowns. Like Redwine his conditioning is a problem but that can improve as he ages.
  4. Trevor Tomlin- Only Redwine has potential to be a better shot. Tomlin also has potential to be the best passer in the rookie crop but he also can be reckless with the ball.
  5. Napoleon Carter- There is a bit of a drop off to Carter. He is a good passer who makes too many mistakes. Decent defense and a solid scorer. But, it is unlikely that he will develop into a star but he should be a serviceable roll player with some maturity.

Shooting Guards

  1. William Lomas- Lomas is the best shot in the rookie class. He is a traditional shooting guard who doesn’t like to pass but he has the ability to make good decisions and not turn the ball over too much. He is a decent defensive rebounder. He also likes to go after blocks.
  2. Brian Sewell- Probably the best scorer at the position. He doesn’t like to pass and his defense is solid. He isn’t much for taking risks so he doesn’t get a ton of steals or blocks.
  3. Stanislay Khristich- His game is a lot like Sewell’s but he is a year younger and needs more time to improve. On the bright side he has the potential to be a better defender than Sewell.
  4. William Dore- Dore is the youngest of the top five and will likely be the worst scorer out of the group. But, he should also be the best rebounder. He makes good decisions and should develop into the best defender of the group.
  5. Charles Unger- Unger is a different kind of Shooting Guard. While he is an excellent long distance shot he actually likes to pass and makes good choices with the ball. His down side is that he is a poor defender but he does have relatively quick hands on the ball.

Small Forwards

There are 24 Small Forwards in the draft but this is the least talented position in the draft by far.

  1. Ronald Bartholomew- Bartholomew is the most talented Small Forward in the draft but he is also 24 years old which makes it less likely that he will mature into a star. Honestly, he isn’t the type of player to become a star. But, he is the type of player that can fill a role, even a starting role on a team. He isn’t a top scorer or defender or rebounder but he isn’t bad at anything either. He may not have the flash of other players but he is skilled and reliable.
  2. Chris Aranda- Conditioning is an issue for Aranda. However, he is a fantastic rebounder for a small forward. Unfortunately, he is a poor defender despite relatively quick hands. In some ways he is the anti-Bartholomew. His rebounding skill is an exciting upside but that is balanced by clear weaknesses as well.
  3. Gary Aguilar- Aguilar is undersized for the position. He is not a scorer but despite his size he is a good rebounder and a decent defender. He is not terribly athletic but has good timing and a knack for blocking shots.
  4. David Walsh- Walsh is not a great scorer but at least he is solid on the offensive boards and he is two years younger than Lapierre. On the defensive end he makes a lot of mental lapses and does not seem to have the mental toughness to be a good defender. Yet, he has some spectacular flashes with good steals and blocks.
  5. Darell Lapierre- He has a decent three-point shot and doesn’t turn the ball over too much but that is about it. He is an average defender.

Power Forwards

There are only 21 Power Forwards in this year’s draft but it is one of the deepest positions.

  1. Merlin Lundy- Lundy is the most likely of any of the Power Forwards to develop into a star. He has a good inside scoring touch and maybe more importantly he is very good at getting to the line. He is also an excellent passer. His weakness is his rebounding where he is not as proficient as most GM’s want for a Power Forward. But, on the right team he would work well. Importantly though he should become a fantastic interior defender and has a great ability to block shots.
  2. Lane Saunders- Saunders isn’t the best rebounders in the draft today. But, he should become the best rebounder. He has a long strong body. He is also a solid defender and a good inside scorer.
  3. Alonso Staton- Staton is a big thick body. He is a decent rebounder, solid scorer, and passable defender. He is built like a center but is surprisingly quick on his feet so he will be able to play either position well.
  4. Glen Rabon- Rabon is a lot like a smaller version of Staton in that he is pretty good everywhere but doesn’t really have a stand out quality. But, no weaknesses is a nice thing in a young player. He is much smaller than Rabon but a little quicker and a significantly better inside scorer.
  5. Neville Blake- Blake’s success in the WBA will depend on the team around him. He is very skilled but he is not a good rebounder and most teams like a strong rebounder at the Power Forward. If he happens to be on a team with good rebounders everywhere else he could excel because he is a fantastic inside scorer and despite not being a good rebounder he is a tremendous inside defender.


There are 21 Centers in this draft including some solid quality players who will go high in the draft.

  1. Hugo Gutierrez- This young stud needs time to develop. But, he has the skills. He has the best shot of any of the Centers and is the best rebounder at that position too. He is also a good shot blocker and handles the ball well. But at 19, don’t expect him to step into the starting line-up of a play-off quality team.
  2. Dick Pelham- The major strike against this kid is his age. He is already 24 so for a team that wants to develop a young star he may not have enough time to develop. On the other hand, he is one of the best shot blockers in the rookie cohort and passable defender and rebounder. He is the best player in the group today but doesn’t have as much upside as Gutierrez.
  3. Mark Vaden- Vaden really is under sized for the center position but he is as tough as nails. He isn’t as tall, long, or strong as some other players but he is a competitor who really likes to defend. He will fight and scrap and never demands the ball on offense.
  4. Elvin Banas- Banas is another undersized Center and besides being trimmer than Vaden he is stronger. He is not a good rebounder but his strength allows him to get to the line well. He is the most developed defensive player today and comes in ready to play defense at the WBA level.
  5. Edward Jefferson- Here is another player who knows how to get to the line. Like Banas he is not a good rebounder. Hi biggest drawback is his lack of defense. However, he is a good scorer and can provide a spark off the bench.
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