WBA Play-off Computer Simulation

By Ron Chambers

I have a nerdy son, Curtis Chambers, who would rather run computer simulations about the WBA than watch one of these exciting games in real life. He has never seen Gonzo send a blocked shot into the stands or watched Mario Bailey throw down a dunk. But, he knows stats and programming so he likes his bizare simulated basketball better than the real thing.

Anyway, he has run a simulation of the WBA play-offs that I thought I would share with the GSPN fans. Personally, I don’t trust these things. There are too many variables in a real WBA game to properly simulate but I know that in this digital world people care about these sorts of things…for me though they just lose the human factor.

Anyway here goes…

Eastern First Round Match-ups

Brooklyn vs. Cincinatti- According to the simulation thisis pretty one sided with Brooklyn winning easily 4-1.

Paris vs. Baltimore- This was a close one with Baltimore barely sqeaking it out 4-3 over the defending champions.

Toronto vs. Rochester- The computer simulation had Toronto crushing Rochester 4-0 despite 30 points a game from Dave Williams.

Miami vs. London- This was a good match-up in the computer simulation but Miami ended up pulling it out 4-2.

Western First Round Match-ups

Salt Lake City vs. Sacramento- No surprise here. Sacramento has two injured starters so SLC smoked them 4-1.

Oregon vs. Gabon- The computer is calling a real upset here with Gabon sweeping Oregon 4-0.

Capetown vs. Arkansas- Capetown sweeps 4-0. This one surprised me a little because Arkansashas been playing well. I didn’t expect them to win but I think they may get a win…if thisis even the first round match-up which is net yet set in the real WBA.

Cancun vs. Omaha- There is no doubt that Omaha has been playing well but Cancun is just a studly team and I don’t expect this one to go to seven games…if it happens in real life. Cancun wins 4-3.

Eastern Second Round

Brooklyn vs. Baltimore- Balitmore didn’t put up much of a fight in the computer simulation. Brooklyn won 4-1. I don’t think that will be the case in real life as Baltimore has been on a roll.

Toronto vs. Miami- Toronto beats Miami 4-1 in the simulation. This isn’t too surprising with how Miami has been struggling the last few weeks.

Western Second Round

Salt Lake City vs. Gabon- The computer has Gabon sweeping Oregon in the first round and then losing to SLC 1-4 in the second. I find that hard to believe. I think SLC would probably win this series but it would be closer.

Capetown vs. Cancun- This is probably the prediction that makes the most sense out of any in this simulation. Cancun barely gets past Capetown 4-3.

Eastern Finals

Brooklyn vs. Toronto- These are both top teams. The computer has Toronto beating Brooklyn 4-3. If that actually happens it would have to go to seven.

Western Finals

Salt Lake City vs. Cancun- Curtis’ computer has SLC winning 4-3 over Cancun which could happen. These are the best two teams in the West and it could go either way.

WBA Finals

Toronto vs. SLC- Despite the two conference finals going seven games this simulation has Toronto dominating SLC 4-1.


Personally, I’m not a fan of these simulations. The human factor is too important. I also don’t think we can really see that far into the future. So, while I hope readers enjoyed this fantasy. I will write something a little more down to earth tomorrow about only the first round once we know for sure who actually is what seed. Till then…remember teh WBA is real not like my Son’s computer simulation!

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