Winning in the 700 Club

by Zagrieb Zano

We have seen some terrific basketball this season. From the priceless dimes that Edmonson gives out, or the downtown party from Williams, to the physical bruising play of Parks and the all-around perfect play of Jackson. For the majority of the season we have had 9 teams with a winning percentage of over .700. And while as I write this, some of those teams have dropped a game or two below that winning mark. We will look into those 9 teams and compare how they do against each other. It is against these same teams that one of them will be crowned as the champion of the WBA. They have a 1 in 9 shot of winning the main prize.

The contenders:

SLC Fanatics:

They have led their division from the first jump ball, and for a time had the best record in the league. They have the highest scoring offense in the West, and are currently 4th in scoring in the league. Here is how they matchup with the 700 club.
SLC @ Outlaws – 87-101
SLC @ Zulus – 112-89
SLC vs Bears – 96-87
SLC vs Rage – 96-97
SLC @ Rage – 101-107
SLC @ Dinos – 97-107
SLC @ Giants – 100-88
SLC vs Zulus – 101-88
SLC vs Outlaws – 101-97
SLC vs Disco – 84-73
SLC @ Bears – 100-77
SLC @ Zulus – 81-96
SLC vs Dinos – 114-98
SLC vs Outlaws – 102-80
SLC @ Xtreme – 90-92
SLC vs Bears – 111-83

Total Record: 10-6. Conference Record: 8-2. Home: 7-1 Away: 3-5

The Fanatics are proving they compete very well against the league’s best teams. Especially at home. With their 8-2 record against conference teams, it is no wonder why they have a good shot at making the finals.

Oregon Bears:

Oregon knows what it takes to win it all, they have been involved with the finals over the past few years. Lou Gonzales doesn’t seem to be the player he once was, but Bishop Stein makes up for a lot of that. Oregon excels in two main area’s blocks and fouls. If they don’t figure something out, they could be one of the first 700 club members voted off the island.

Bears @ Outlaws – 79-76
Bears @ Fanatics – 87-96
Bears vs Rage – 110-102
Bears vs Giants – 86-81
Bears @ Zulus – 111-119
Bears @ Xtreme – 92-109
Bears @ Outlaws – 89-96
Bears vs Fanatics – 77-100
Bears @ Giants – 88-121
Bears vs Zulus – 86-84
Bears vs Outlaws – 89-88
Bears vs Gabon – 101-89
Bears vs Disco – 105-79
Bears @ Rage – 88-104
Bears @ Dinos – 108-105
Bears @ Fanatics – 83-111
Total Record: 7-9 Conference Record: 4-7 Home: 6-1 Away: 1-8
Clearly, Bears are a different team when playing at home against the top competition. With their only win on the road against the Dino’s who have been in a slump after their most recent trade. At home they have only lost to the Fanatics. They could be headed for a 2nd round matchup with SLC. Thus far this has proven to be a disastrous matchup for the Bears losing in all 3 attempts against the Fanatics, and the games haven’t been close.

Cancun Outlaws:

they may have started out a little slow by Cancun standards, but they have dealt with injuries to key players. They have been playing much better since acquiring Cristobal Dasher. They are one of the best shooting teams in the league. And they play great defense with nearly 9 steals a game. The ref’s love them as they hardly ever get called for fouls.

Outlaws vs Fanatics – 101-87
Outlaws vs Bears – 76-79
Outlaws @ Disco – 105-93
Outlaws @ Dinos – 98-104
Outlaws vs Rage – 94-102
Outlaws @ Fanatics – 97-101
Outlaws vs Bears – 96-89
Outlaws vs Disco – 122-101
Outlaws @ Xtreme – 111-95
Outlaws @ Zulus – 98-94
Outlaws vs Giants – 94-90
Outlaws @ Fanatics – 80-102
Outlaws @ Rage – 100-111
Outlaws @ Bears – 88-89
Outlaws @ Zulus – 60-88
Outlaws vs Xtreme – 96-94
Outlaws vs Dinos – 103-82
Outlaws vs Zulus – 103-92

Total Record: 10 – 8 Conference Record: 5-5 Home: 6-2 Away: 3-6

With a Conference record at a paltry 5-5, that has to be cause for concern to Pat Fullum. Most of the tie breakers are not in their favor. They have to figure out a way for more consistent scoring against the 700 club. As of right now they face a potential seconds round matchup with Capetown. They currently have a 2-1 record against them. Home court could easily decide that series.

Capetown Zulus:

Playing in the toughest division in the league, Capetown has been scratching its way to success. Trading for Justice Grant has really helped, and waiving Brent Bangerter has helped when playing against SLC and Miami. But how do they fare against the 700 club?

Zulus vs Fanatics – 89-112
Zulus vs Bears – 119-111
Zulus @ Xtreme – 78-105
Zulus @ Fanatics – 88-101
Zulus vs Dinos – 99-87
Zulus vs Fanatics – 96-81
Zulus vs Disco – 107-104
Zulus vs Dinos – 106-113
Zulus @ Bears – 84-86
Zulus vs Outlaws – 94-98
Zulus vs Rage – 103-100
Zulus vs Outlaws – 88-60
Zulus @ Giants – 80-82
Zulus @ Disco – 101-116
Zulus @ Outlaws – 92-103

Total Record: 6-9 Conference Record: 3-6 Home: 6-3 Away: 0-6

One is certain, you have to be able to win on an opposing teams court if you want to have a chance to win the championship. Capetown needs to find a way to compete better against their conference opponents. As it stands now they are looking to face Cancun in the 2nd round. It is a winnable series but nobody wants to face a veteran team like the Outlaws in the playoffs.

Gabon Giants:

Gabon has dropped a little bit as they are playing 50-50 ball over their last 8 games. While they have always been considered to be the third best team in their conference. Nobody thought they would be competing to win their division. They traded some draft picks for Daren Benson, although Benson isn’t quite ready for primetime, it was a move for the future not the present.

Giants @ Bears – 81-88
Giants vs Xtreme – 96-84
Giants vs Fanatics – 88-100
Giants vs Rage – 109-111
Giants vs Bears – 121-88
Giants @ Dinos – 102-103
Giants vs Disco – 111-108
Giants @ Outlaws – 94-98
Giants @ Bears – 89-101
Giants vs Dinos – 97-93
Giants vs Zulus – 82-80

Total Record: 5-6 Conference Record: 2-4 Home: 5-2 Away: 0-4

The Giants have played the least amount of games against the 700 club. They have 12 out of their last 28 games to finish off the season. As good as Gabon is, I expect them to struggle against the top tier teams. They will have the opportunity to prove themselves against their divisional and conference foes. But don’t be surprised if they settle for the 5th seed. Which could be a first round matchup with Oregon. As good as Gabon’s season has been, don’t be surprised if they have a first round exit.

Brooklyn Rage:

As we now head over to the weaker conference, Brooklyn currently has the best record in the league. As it appears that Mario Bailey who was the driver in the Harry Applegate tragic death. (Added by GSPN editors: This is a horrible rumor that has no basis in reality) Luckily, he is good friends with politicians and looks like will not be indicted. It just goes to show, it’s good to know rich people who know how to dodge things, but I digress. Brooklyn has proven to be as tough of team as you will see.

Rage @ Fanatics – 97-96
Rage vs Fanatics – 107-101
Rage @ Bears – 102-110
Rage @ Outlaws – 102-94
Rage vs Disco – 109-100
Rage @ Disco – 121-125
Rage @ Giants – 111-109
Rage vs Disco – 107-106
Rage vs Outlaws – 111-100
Rage vs Bears – 104-88
Rage @ Zulus – 100-103
Rage vs Dinos – 137-126
Rage vs Xtreme – 99-72
Rage vs Dinos – 121-125

Total Record: 10-4 Conference Record: 3-2 Home: 7-1 Away: 3-3

If Brooklyn makes it to the WBA finals, you know they will be confidant as they are currently 7-2 against the Western Conference. They only have 7 games left against the 700 club. But several of those are against Toronto and Miami, which will be crucial games. While the Rage does very well against the top teams, they have proven they know how to lose to the worst teams in the league. As it stands now, they would matchup with Andorra, who they recently lost to. Considering how poorly the Rage tend to play in the playoffs compared to the regular season. It wouldn’t be too much of a shocker for a first round exit, despite potentially having the best record in the league.
Miami XTreme:

Miami has been impressive all year. While they did have a 4 game losing streak last month. They have proven they know how to win. Troychak is having a MVP type season. Darryl Whittaker is avering 13 points a game playing only 23 minutes. When he was playing as a starter recently, he took full advantage and has put the league on notice. The next great scorer plays in Miami … until the end of the season.

Xtreme vs Disco – 85-79
Xtreme @ Giants – 84-96
Xtreme vs Zulus -105-78
Xtreme @ Disco – 90-98
Xtreme vs Bears – 109-92
Xtreme vs Disco – 107-97
Xtreme vs Outlaws – 95-111
Xtreme @ Outlaws – 94-96
Xtreme @ Rage – 72-99
Xtreme vs Dinos – 113-101
Xtreme vs Fanatics – 92-90

Total Record: 6-5 Conference Record: 3-2 Home: 6-1 Away: 0-4

Another team that hasn’t beaten a top tier team on the road. Like each of the Eastern Conference teams they don’t has as many top tier teams to play, which is a nice boost to their record. Miami has a 1-0 record against Toronto that could easily be their 2nd round opponent. But with three more games against them this season, that could be enough to push Miami to a lower seeding.

Toronto Dinos:

The Dinos were the poster child of success throughout much of the season, easily proving to be the most feared team in the league. That was until the incident! It is the trade that must not be named. It was a move for the future and appears to be at cost for the present. Fans can’t be happy with Gm Guillermo Thomas, as the incident has caused Toronto to go into a self-imposed death roll. Going 4-8 in their last 12 games and giving up a stranglehold on title for best record in the league.

Dinos vs Fanatics – 107-97
Dinos vs Outlaws – 104-98
Dinos @ Zulus – 87-99
Dinos vs Zulus – 113-106
Dinos vs @ Fanatics – 98-114
Dinos vs Giants – 113-112
Dinos vs Disco – 89-100
Dinos @ Giants – 93-97
Dinos vs Bears – 105-108
Dinos @ Disco – 113-118
Dinos @ Rage – 126-137
Dinos @ Outlaws – 82-103
Dinos @ Xtreme – 101-113
Dinos @ Rage – 125-121

Total Record: 5-9 Conference Record: 1-4 Home: 4-3 Away: 1-7
Is Toronto simply not as good as we thought they were, or do they simply beat the teams they are expected to beat? With 8 games left against the upper echelon of teams, they will need get their team back up to 100% efficiency. Otherwise their playoff run will be short. The one bright spot is they beat Brooklyn in NY, which only Boston has been able to figure out this season.

London Disco:

Perhaps London should no longer be considered part of the elite club, with the unexpected murder framed as an automobile accident to Harry Applegate. (GSPN Editors: Lies!) The Disco have danced their way to the top of the Euro Division. But the music may have died along with Applegate. Harry was having a terrific season for London, bringing in 16 points and 6 boards. Some of speculated with his passing, that London may potentially miss out on the playoffs. One thing is for sure, they won’t win their division. London’s loss is Paris’ gain.

Disco @ Xtreme 79-85
Disco vs Outlaws 93-105
Disco vs Xtreme – 98-90
Disco @ Rage 100-109
Disco @ Fanatics 73-84
Disco vs Rage – 125-121
Disco @ Zulus – 104-107
Disco @ Outlaws – 101-122
Disco @ Xtreme – 97-107
Disco @ Rage – 106-107
Disco @ Giants – 108-111
Disco @ Dinos – 100-89
Disco @ Bears – 79-105
Disco vs Dinos – 118-113
Disco vs Zulus – 116-101

Total Record: 5-10 Conference Record: 4-4 Home: 4-1 Away: 1-9

London has played incredibly well against their conference foes. With 2 wins over Toronto, another win against Brooklyn. Granted this is pre-Applegate death. It is a shame that London won’t get to see how good they really could be.

Regardless of what the GSPN power poll says, here is how I rank the 700 club:

Brooklyn Rage – They have the best chance to beat someone in the superior Western Conference for the championship. But they must survive the 1st round.

SLC Fanatics – While they have struggled against the Eastern Teams, they have proven to be the favorite among the Western Elites. What kind of series would a matchup against Brooklyn for the finals make? And this time, SLC would not be missing a starter.

Cancun Outlaws – When it comes to the playoffs, the Outlaws are king. They go into a different gear. I can tell you they will be hoping that somebody knocks off SLC, because that is not a favorable matchup. If that happens, you can plan on Cancun being in the Finals.

Miami Xtreme – They are a great offensive team shooting a high percentage. When you shoot with such consistency, you will always be tough to beat. I expect this team to make it to the conference finals, but they will have to go through Toronto most likely to do it.

Toronto Dinos – Despite their poor record against the elite, Walt Jackson has the ability to will the team to victory. You do not want to give Walt Jackson up to 7 games to embarrass you, because you will be embarrassed.

Capetown Zulus – Like I have said before, Capetown is good except for when they play the Bangerter Brothers. Their most recent trade may be enough for them to take even the best of the Bangerter teams in SLC. They just need to figure out how to avoid Divisional rival Cancun.

Gabon Giants – They still have time to be considered a real threat come playoff time, the last couple months of the season will let us know if Gabon was simply a pretender this year.

Oregon Bears – Oregon is good, but they don’t have a favorable matchup. While I would expect them to beat Gabon in the first round. It will be the end of an era in Oregon, maybe that is why they want to move back to Tokyo.

London Disco – while they were always considered one of the weaker Elite teams. Now they can at best be considered an average team. They will need a miracle to make it out of the first round, should they make it at all.

With that we shall close out this article, but know this. We are now accepting callers for these pendant keychains. To resist is useless. We can send a car to find you if you ever lose your way.

Thus closes the 700 club.

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