Los Angeles Gargoyles

Washington Monuments 2001 

The new WBA was about to begin and Washington hoped to have a winning franchise that would aspire to take the ring. First of all, the inaugural draft was held and Steve Peterson became the first player for the Washington Monuments and after him came Maury Foreman, Steve Forman, Sean Clark…None of these players had a great career, and this was reflected with a record of 22 wins and 40 losses. Since sometimes bad news never travels alone, the Monuments traded their first-round pick the following year with which they could have incorporated players like Harry Jarvis, Jeff Bailey or Kelvin Davidson. 

Top scorers: Steve Foreman (14.3), Walt Rogers (11.6), Joe Clark (9.2) 

Top rebounders: Steve Foreman (7.5), Joe Clark (5.8) 

Top shotblockers: George Lawrence (1.4), Steve Foreman (0.9) 

Most assists: Al Wood (4.7), John Billings (3.9) 


Washington Monuments 2002 

After a disastrous inaugural season with only 22 wins and having traded what would end up being the seventh pick in the draft, the Washington Monuments were preparing to begin a path of improvement, but improving the team’s game was actually very difficult since they had no way to incorporate more talent. 

The team then made the drastic decision to trade what little talent they had on the team for up to 6 future first round picks over the next three years, a decision that would be instrumental in the team’s future success. 

The Monuments won 22 games again, but with 58 losses, which again gave them the seventh worst record in the league, now with 28 teams after the expansion. 

Top scorers: Joe Montgomery (14.1), Joe Brown (11.4), Walt Rogers (10.1) 

Top rebounders: Joe Clark (8.0), Fred Cane (6.4) 

Top shotblockers: Wayne Cope (1.0), Fred Cane (1.0) 

Most assists:John Billings (6.2), Jim Glenn (4.6) 


Washington Monuments 2003 

After two disastrous initial seasons, the Washington Monument had to start improving. They had already taken a step in the right direction by accumulating early rounds of the draft. Then they made the risky decision to capitalize on their future choices for a proven star. Two moves were fundamental: First, Washington traded several rounds of the draft for the 10th pick, and above all, all the capital from the 2004 draft was transferred to Sidney for John Riddle, the second player to be chosen in the inaugural draft. 

The draft went well, we could say it was excellent, with picks 7 and 10, the monuments chose Kevon Duke and Parker Mason and at the end of the first round Cristobal Dasher was chosen. They also executed a trade for Tyler Durden who had been selected in the second round. These four players and John Riddle were instrumental in the team’s turnaround that was amazing. 

The Monuments went from winning 22 games in 2002 to 62, becoming the third best team in the East thanks to the contribution of their new players. 

Already in the playoffs, Washington swept Albacete and Gabon in the first two qualifiers, but met the Brooklyn RaGE in the Conference Final and fell 4-1 

Top scorers: John Riddle(20.9), Kevon Duke(20.1), Parker Mason (16.6) 

Top rebounders: John Riddle (8.3), Cristobal Dasher(8.1) 

Top shotblockers: John Riddle (2.2), Cristobal Dasher (1.2) 

Most assists:Parker Mason (9.0), Kevon Duke (3.3) 



In 2009, The Washington Monuments achieved the best record in the Eastern Conference with 63 wins and 17 losses. The playoffs were not easy, as they needed the fifth game in the first round against the Gabon Giants and the seventh against Albacete Burning Hell to advance from the second round. round. Finally they were defeated in the Final by the Cancun Outlaws, the best team of that season. The team played led by Emmett Yee’s scoring, BoomBoom Casey’s defense, and AJ Schulz’s full-court input. 

Top scorers: Emmett Yee (29.0), Boom Boom Casey (19,6), AJ Schulz (17,6) 

Top rebounders: Leo Rice (9.5), AJ Schulz (8,7) 

Top shotblockers: Boom Boom Casey (3,8), Leo Rice (2,5) 

Most assists: Kadeem Reed (7.3), Leo Rice (5,4) 


Washington Monument 2010 

After the failed assault on the title the previous year, the Monuments tried to reorganize for the future, even if it meant taking a step back in their aspirations. In order to rejuvenate the team, Leo Rice and Kadeem Reed were traded AND Washington got the third pick in the draft which was used to select Samson Erickson. Elvin Sanders and Justin Krueger took over as starters, but the team failed to live up to expectations. The regular season ended with a 48-32 record, 15 fewer wins than the previous season. In the first round of the playoffs, the Monuments easily swept Brooklyn in the first round, but fell 4-1 in the second round. Erickson never live to his expectations, maybe that was the start of the decline of the franchise 

Top scorers: Emmett Yee (22.6), Boom Boom Casey (21.0), AJ Schulz (18,6) 

Top rebounders: AJ Schulz (10.2), Boom Boom Casey (8,7) 

Top shotblockers: Boom Boom Casey (2.6), Alex Traecey (1.0) 

Most assists: Justin Krueger (7.2), AJ Schulz (3.3) 


Arkansas Stingers 2011  

In just 2 seasons, a winning franchise completed the path from being a title contender to fighting for the best draft picks. Even worse, the team moved from the nation’s capital to the always maligned Arkansas. It seemed like a bad idea, so it’s not a surprise that the team began a long trek across the desert. 

Many of the team’s players expressed doubts about the team’s new location, and the owner promised to trade anyone who wasn’t happy about it. As a result, practically all the players left the team. First, Emmet Yee was traded to Toronto for Cristobal Dasher and a first rounder; The next day, AJ Schulz went to Rochester for Jack Berger and the 9th pick that would later be traded for Buck Jones (yes, really). Ultimately, it was Boom Boom Casey who would be traded for Jack Spiegel and Harry Applegate. 

It’s easy to say that the Arkansas Stingers were worse at every position than the Washington Monuments and quickly showed up in the team record. 

The only positive note was the selection of Darond Lyons with the 4th pick, which was not enough to improve a terrible record of 25 wins and 55 losses, being the third worst team in the league. 

Top scorers: Elvin Sanders (16.0), Cristobal Dasher (14.6), Harry Applegate AJ Schulz (13,3) 

Top rebounders: Cristobal Dasher (9,7), harry Applegate (6,7) 

Top shotblockers: Harry Applegate (2.4), Cristobal Dasher (1.6) 

Most assists: Darond Lyons (4.4), Bill Andrews (2.7) 


Arkansas Stingers 2012 

The Stingers entered the 2012 season with the clear intention of improving their balance. And they really improved from 25 wins to 26 and from the third worst record to the fourth worst. All thanks to a questionable buildup of moves that obviously malfunctioned. 

First, Arkansas traded picks 12 and 24 to get Emmett Yee back. Players available with pick 12: Comas Neetar, Pat London, Tyris Mayes…and players available with pick 24: Ajan Estay and Jeremy Sims. I don’t need to add more. 

Later, Darond Lyons was traded for pick 2, which ended up becoming Dan Kincaideand they traded some future picks for proven veterans like Wu Dian Fan and Pat Stephenson, but the team never worked together. 

Top scorers: Dave Short (16.8), Pat Stephenson (15.5), Wu Dian Fan (12.0) 

Top rebounders: Dave Short (10.9), Pat Stephenson (8,7) 

Top shotblockers: Pat Stephenson (3.2), Wu dian Fan (1.2) 

Most assists: Justin Krueger (6.6), John Greene (3.7) 



The fans did not think it could get much worse than 30-50, but surprise GM Billy Livingston found a way to drop to 19-61. William Curry led the team in scoring with 21 points per contest, but only shot 38% from the floor and 35% behind the arc. As a whole, this team was the third worst shooting from the floor in the league. They were 18th in 3point shooting and yet these gunslingers shot the third most 3’s in the league. That is not a recipe for efficiency. The real kicker is that with that poor shooting they strived to achieve the dead last worst defense in the league allowing opponents to score 112 points on average per game. These numbers combined with the other 4 starters averaging 31 years of age is not a recipe for a bright future. The offseason needs to see some youth brought in to grow with 23 year old Curry.


The Gargoyles under new management were able to improve their win total by 1 whole game. Jumping up to an unimpressive 20 and 60 for Season 18. This is still the William Curry show, but he is still playing at the PG position instead of his natural SG spot. He dropped to 18 points per game and Niko down to 17. There was no influx of talent to help these two guards, so the old vets like Jay Vasquez did the best he could with sore knees and a bad back. The 4 bigs were only able to average 40 starts each as each had to deal with nagging injuries. Their effort did get them to inch up to the 22nd defense in the league, which is much better than dead last. However, couple that with the 4th worse offense and you will have a 20 win season. The fans are screaming for management to bring in some young bigs to grow with Curry. We Can hope….


Finally, Los Angeles fans have something to be excited about. They did not finish last in their division. Improving their win total by 4 games to a whopping 24 and 56. Finally ownership had had enough of GM Billy Livingston’s excuses and they brought in new management. The new GM Gerald Tessier saw the problem that William Curry is facing and made a huge splash in free agency to address it by signing two veteran bigs to start in the front court. However, 20 plus million dollar five year contracts to a 28 year old Marc White and 30 year old Chad Nolan was not the plan last offseason. Curry still needs youth to build with. Curry did lead the team once again in scoring, but dropped to just below 21 points per game. The good news about Marc White on your team is that your defense improves. The Gargoyles jumped from dead last to 14th in the league. Respectable. However, they were second to last in offense. That makes it tough to win games.


A winning record!! GM Tessier has done it. The Gargoyles finished 41 and 39 for the first time in a decade. Management added glue piece Jeremy Arons and traded defensive stopper Marc White to California. In return, they received all around center Jarrod Roe. They also drafted a young stud in Tyrre Dudley, which is just the type of player Curry has been begging for. The teams future is looking bright with each season under Tessier. Curry still led the team with 19 points and the bigs Nolan and Roe were next with around 16 points per night. The real hole in the starting line up is at PG. Young Richie Reddy is not ready to start in this league> he can pass the ball with the best of them , but ball handling is not what he is known for. At least, Curry does not have to start at PG, but Reddy is more suited to be a defensive backup for a vet like Jesse Szcyigel. The team’s offense was around 20th in the league. Their winning season was due to a tenth best defense. Now we’re talking.


The fans were fired up after last years winning season, but that came crashing back down to reality this season. They dropped back down to a 33-47 record this season still on the back of young Curry. We are not going to be able to say “young “ much longer for Curry if this keeps up. Tyrre Dudley did not make the jump fans were hoping for after the dleague last season, but management could not wait and needed him off the bench this season He has a bright future, but needs time to develop. The rookie that did make a big jump was Brandon Duggins. Curry finally had the pressure off his back as Duggins led the team with 21 points per game at the PF position. Curry still dropped in 17 a night. Roe still had a solid 14 points, but this team is screaming for a starting PG. Reddy is scoring under 10 points per night and turning the ball over 3 times per night. The Gargoyles are all the way up to the 7th best defense. Now if the can just improve from the 4th worst offense.


Ownership is still searching for the right Admiral to steer this ship. They made another change in the off season. The third in 5 seasons. They brought in young inexperienced GM, Shane Mommsen, this move brought them their worst record since I can remember finishing at an abysmal 18-62. This was the worst record in the league. Although Chad Nolan and Jarrod Roe were older vets and overpaid, they still had talent and had just brought this team to an above 5oo record for the first time maybe in franchise history. Inexplicably, management chose to waive them both in the offseason getting nothing in return. This forced them start an unprepared Tyrre Dudley and earn them the worst record. Some would say they were tanking, but they did not possess a first round pick. Poor Curry still led the team in scoring with 22 points per game. Nobody else had more than 12 points. You guessed it. This led them to the worst offense in the league and they were unable to average more than 100 points ending at 99.9 per contest. 10th in defense, but not a fun season.