General Managers can use reward points they have accumulated to send a player to any of the following camps or specialists or to affect player contracts. Camps will increase both the level of skill and potential for the player. (Limitations: No team may receive more than two rewards in a season and no player may receive more than one. Additionally, players have a lifetime limit of 5 camps)

Big Man Camp (250 points): The player receives special training in interior scoring, offensive & defensive rebounding, shot blocking, fouling, post defense, and strength.

Defensive Camp (250 points): The player receives special training in stealing, blocking, fouling, post defense, perimeter defense, quickness, and strength.

Rebounding Camp (200 Points): The player receives special training in offensive & defensive rebounding, post defense, interior scoring, strength, and injury avoidance.

Scorers Camp (300 points): The player receives special training in inside scoring, jump shots, free throws, 3pt shooting, 3pt usage, handling, offensive rebounding, quickness, and jumping.

Floor General Camp (250 points): The player receives special training in passing, post & perimeter defense, steals, quickness, stamina, & fouls.

Shooters Camps (225 points): The player receives special training in jump shots, free throws, 3pt shooting, 3pt usage, handling, and quickness.

Ball Handlers Camp (200 points): The player receives special training in handling, passing, perimeter defense, inside scoring, and quickness.

Fundamentals Camp (200 points): The player receives special training in free throws, handling, defensive rebounding, fouling, and injury avoidance.

Strength & Conditioning Specialist (200 points): The player works with an expert strength and conditioning staff to improve the player’s quickness, strength, jumping, stamina, and injury avoidance.

Contract Violation (200 points): The player violates his contract. The team is allowed to cut his contract with no penalties.

Owner Develops New Love for the Team (150 points): The owner becomes more engaged with his team and becomes less concerned about his profit. Owner greed decreases by 20 points and desire to win raises by 20.

Renegotiate contract (175 points): A star player decides to renegotiate his contract to give the team more room to build a winning franchise. The player’s contract is lowered by 20% annually. This can not be done to a player who already has a renegotiated contract.


Activity Bonuses

To encourage GM involvement in the league the following activities will provide reward points for the GM.

Promotional Article (3 points per 200 words): Write an article promoting your team. Point out a player’s achievement, discuss a trade, talk some trash… (200-word minimum)

Research Article (4 points per 200 words): Write an article about a team other than your own. This is like the promotional article but not about your team. (400-word minimum)

Major Article (5 points per 200 words): Write a major article such as a draft preview or recap, playoff predictions, season predictions…(600-word minimum)

Special Contributions (5-100 points): Special activity such as designing a logo, writing a program…

Running a Reynoso Games league (75 points): One thing that makes the WBA great is all the leagues that go along with it. They take a lot of time and they deserve a reward.

History (25 points): Writing a history article for a team or for the entire league. Bonuses are rewarded for each season written about.


Achievement Bonuses

Good performance should always be rewarded. The following rewards are for the GM successfully leading a team and include both on the court achievements and off-the-court achievements. 

Winning Season (5 points): Finish the season with a winning season.

Improved Record (2 points): Points awarded for every victory more than in the previous season

Division Champion (5 points)

Conference Champion (5 points): Regular Season

Playoff Team (10 points)

Finals Team (10 points)

WBA Champion (10 points)

Coach of the Year (25 points)

GM of the Year (25 points)

All WBA Team (5 points): Points awarded to first, second, and third teams.

All WBA Defensive Team (5 points): Points awarded to first and second teams.

All-Rookie Team (3 points): Points awarded to first and second teams.

MVP (20 points): Awarded to the team with the WBA MVP.

Defensive Player of the Year (20 points): Awarded to the team with the defensive player of the year.

Rookie of the Year (20 points): Awarded to the team with the Rookie of the Year.

Sixth Man of the Year (15 points): Awarded to the team with the Sixth Man of the Year.

Most Improved (15 points): Awarded to the team with the most improved player.

All-Stars (5 points): Points awarded for every All-Star player on the team.

Rookie & Sophomore All-Star(3 points): Points awarded for every Rookie & Sophomore All-Star player on the team.

Skill Contestant (3 points): Points awarded for every 3 point contest or slam dunk contestant.

Skill Contest Winner (5 points): Points awarded for winning the 3 point or slam dunk contests.

Dec Memorial Citizenship Award (25 points): Given to the owner who is voted to have most contributed to the fun of the league but did not receive another award.

Voting (+/- 15 points): Owners are required to participate in all league voting.

Profit (2 points): Points are awarded per million in profits improved over the previous year.

Most Profitable (25/20/15/10/5 points): Awarded to the five most profitable teams.

Most Improved Profit (20 points): Awarded to the team with the most improved profit margin from the previous season. The team must be profitable.

New Arena (50 points): Awarded to any team that is able to build a new arena.

Sell Out (15 points): Awarded to teams that have 100% attendance for the season.

Highest Attendance (20 points): Awarded to the team with the highest average attendance for the year.

Most Improved Attendance (20 points): Awarded to the team with the most improved average attendance from last season.


Developmental League Reward Program

This program does not provide reward points but actually provides direct improvements to the players in the WBADEV. The rewards are as follows:

The team that wins the WBADEV will receive a free camp to use on any player on the team who has played at least 40 games in the WBADEV that season. Restrictions still apply, a player may not receive more than one camp a season.

The WBADEV player who wins the MVP will receive a free camp.

+3 actual and potential to all stats for 1st team All-WBADEV players, Rookie of the Year, & Defender of the Year.

+2 actual and potential to all stats for 2nd team All-WBADEV players, 1st Team Defensive Players, 6th Man of the Year, & Most Improved.

+1 actual and potential to all stats for 3rd team all-WBADEV players,  2nd team Defensive Players, & All-Rookie 1st and 2nd team.

There is a cap of +4 each season.


Donations Rewards Program

There are costs associated with running the WBA. As a result, the league has decided to provide some reward points to GM’s who decide to financially support the league. The rules are as follows:

Two Reward Points shall be awarded per dollar donated for the first $25 per season. One Reward Point will be awarded for each additional dollar donated per season up to $75. A 10 Reward point bonus will be awarded if $75 or more are donated in a given season. Donations can be either one-time gifts or monthly donations. In the case of monthly donations, the length of the season will be assumed to be 4 months. (Obviously, Rondall is excluded from receiving these reward points.)
Donations may be made at

Accumulated Points

Last updated: 7/2/2020

Milan 405  
Barcelona 232  
Fort Worth 96  
Mexico City 64* Al Levy
Colorado 124  
Toronto 54  
Tokyo 184  
Paris 141  
Cincinnati 280  
Cancun 168* Kevin Whitlock
Kansas City 331* Antonio Gleason
Salt Lake 389** Alston Irving, Demarcus Walton
Miami 78** Trevor Tomlin
Cape Town 24** Dennis Dufour, Abdiel Gordon
Osaka 270  
Boston 101** Frank Mathieu, Michael Askins
Gabon 377** Brenden Avery, Bobbie Mason
London 182  
California 137* Hassan Watt, Keanan Carrington
Sydney 159  
Albacete 220* Edgardo Blanco
Nigeria 71* Vitor Morales
Brooklyn 178* Tyris Mayes
New York 228  
Los Angeles 85  
Las Vegas 72* Benjamin Deletombe
Frankfurt 103  
Moscow 209* Kenyatta Davidson, Chris Acklin
Arizona 295  
Seattle 81* Brice Oliver


Players   Camps
Dennis Dufour   1
Frank Mathieu   1
Edgardo Blanco   1
Antonio Gleason   1
Brice Oliver   1
Alston Irving   1
Vitor Morales   1
Michael Askins   1
Demarcus Walton   1
Brenden Avery   1
Benjamin Deletombe   1
Trevor Tomlin   1
Al Levy   1
Kenyatta Davidson   1
Chris Acklin   1
Abdiel Gordon   1
Hassan Watt   1
Bobbie Mason   1
Tyris Mayes   1
Kevin Whitlock   1
Keanan Carrington   1