As the WBA Turns

The WBA world is always full of rumors. Here are the rumors the GSPN staff has been tracking the first few weeks of the season:

  • Austin Bangerter (SG – CAL) has been getting good press in the news lately and it seems to be affecting him positively.
  • Roy Houle (PF – INC) On a trip to the local library he checked out a book about the life and career of Boom Boom Casey that has inspired him to take better care of his body.
  • Buster Goodson (SG – NEW) He Has started a daily swimming regiment that ironically seems to be helping his shooting touch.
  • Gary Liu (PG – HER) He seems to have been underestimated by scouts in his rebounding.
  • Bret Basso (SF – REN) He has been working hard incorporating plyometrics in the gym.
  • Chris Smyth (SF – TOM) It is discovered player’s weight is incorrect. He is 15 pounds heavier.
  • Polikarp Dragunas (C – GAB) sparks of offensive genius. He seems to have been underestimated by scouts.
  • Jayson Smith (PG – SAC) suffered the loss of close family member and will miss a few days
  • Bruce Banks (SG – MAK) was involved in an altercation with an opposing team’s fan. He has been suspended.
  • Llewellyn Broermann (PF – FW) He gets a tattoo of WBA Championship trophy which seems to signal a new dedication to succeeding in the WBA.
  • Hubert Gelinas (SG – INC) He seems to have been underestimated by scouts when it comes to shot-blocking.
  • Samuel Blachford (PG – FW) plus 5-15 potential all stats. He was told to shut up and dribble by a local conservative radio host he has taken this insult as a real motivator.
  • Sterling Ramires (C – SPR) Motivated to improve rating plus 3 potential all stats.. He Feels inspired after watching Ted Talk.
  • Henry Henry (SF – LB) will be injured 1-10 days. He was injured during a segment on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

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