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2019 WBA Finals predictions

by Timmy Frenchy Milan Mayhem vs Brooklyn Rage (Brooklyn won season series 2-0) I was way out in left field when I wrote that Colorado was a threat to Brooklyn in my preview of the USA Conference. Right after the first game, where the Rage annihilate the Pioneers by 53 points, there was feeling that […]

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2019 WBA Conference Finals predictions

by Timmy Frenchy World Conference   Gabon Giants vs Milan Mayhem (Milan won season series 3-0) Milan showed some poised and experience in the second round as they won against a strong offensive squad even if they didn’t have home court advantage. Except for game 6 which was a 42 points blowout, all other games […]

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Conference Finals Predictions

By Ron Chambers Well….I blew it last round. Two right out of four is a failing grade. But, I have to admit that this round is pretty tricky. Gabon (56-24) vs. Milan (56-24) This will be Gabon’s first match-up this postseason without home-court advantage. Will it make a difference? Both these teams are efficient offensively […]

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