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Nigeria season may be over already.  It is just 15 games into the season.  The Pirates sit at 6-9 and just a couple of games out of the playoffs.

This doesn’t look bad at first.  Injuries are starting to take their toll on the team. First, Redd went down with a dislocated knee.  He has missed 5 games and is expected out around 30 more.  Next, Morales got injured.  As crazy as it seems, he is also out with a dislocated knee.  He is expected to be out for 35 plus games.

This is a lot to take in for first year GM Hitch.  Should the team go out and try to get players?  Should they tank this early in the season? Can they win with the players they have?  These are all tough questions that Hitch has to answer.

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Mike Begley - April 15, 2021 Reply

Quick answer: they should tank and trade any good players to the Gabon Giants.

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