Round Deux 

By Mike Begley 

Okay! I was completely wrong about the first round. Never in my wildest dreams did I picture Cincinnati winning a game in California or both Colorado and Brooklyn overcoming lack of home court advantage to snatch game 7 on the road. That’s why I don’t make predictions! But in a sudden twist in the multiverse the following are my round two playoff predictions in a universe where I made predictions: 




California Fighting Cocks v Brooklyn Rage 

Brooklyn advances to round two with game seven heroics by Jarius Miles’ 29 points yet Trenton Adams is out for the playoffs with a bulging disk. Bittersweet symphony my friends. At least we get to witness Mario Bailey and Jarius Miles challenge the defending champion Fighting Cocks. Heck if Cincinnati could win a game in California then Brooklyn could win one or even two without Adams. They say Richie Reddy is ready to accept the challenge.  

How did California do in round one? Well Kurt Beck averaged three points a game. Normally saying that would mean California is doomed but this is a different era. They just give the ball to Hassan Watt and get out of the way. The squad advanced injury free and that is the big accomplishment. Now they get to face an even older team, the Brooklyn Rage led by the best duo to ever lace it up. 

In this battle of old timers California will take it 4 to 1. 


Arizona Dragons v Colorado Pioneers 

The three headed Dragons have three players averaging over twenty points in the playoffs: Meechy Jennings, Inge Adlgasser, and Severino Moscoso while the Pioneers have just one, Hancho Durrant.  Yet the Pioneers just slew a mega dragon (Jervan Timmons) so this three headed dragon should be a little scared.  

The Dragons were a bit susceptible defending Arnaud Deschamps at power forward who averaged 25 for the series. This does not bode well having to guard Hancho Durrant at that position.  

The Pioneers managed to win the series against the Xtreme by performing some kind of jiu jitsu type moves at the free throw line turning this contest into a free throw parade limiting the best Xtreme players from playing over 32 minutes a game. This could be a similar strategy applied against Arizona. 

 Both teams are deep and balanced so it should make for an interesting chess match between the two Mountain time zone rivals.  

Oh yeah time for a prediction: Colorado takes this in 7. 




Gabon Giants v Edmonton Eskimos 

Gabon made easy work of Albacete almost punishing them for even making the playoffs. It is a strange league when a playoff team is openly tanking with Albacete focused more on the Merida Bahlam than Gabon. The great thing for Gabon is no players were injured in any of their blowout victories. 

The Eskimos faced adversity early losing at home to the Mayhem. Then made a pivotal lineup change moving Kenyatta Davidson to the center position. Edmonton never looked back  winning four straight games. It helped that Michael Esposito left starting point guard Bennett Bangerter rehabbing a healthy knee in Milan for all but the last game.  

The marquee matchup here is Guy Piavet versus Artie Duggons. Piacet is the fourth leading scorer and seventh leading rebounder in the playoffs. He is taking care of business while Artie Duggons is taking care of clipping his nails from the bench playing only 28 minutes a game.  

No more shenanigans for the Giants starters as they may need to play an entire game to defeat Edmonton. But defeat Edmonton they will in another 4 to 0 sweep for Gabon.  


Paris Honey Bees v London Badgers 

The Bees started the series resting rookie of the year Eusebio Blow who was nursing a sprained knee. That’s why they brought in Ljupco Calic to pick up the slack. The Bees lucked out playing at home and taking those two games as the competition with Barcelona was real- two games coming down to less than 8 points. The squad took it a bit personal against former Bee starting point guard for the Counts Jeremy Bono who the team smothered to 6.5 points and 3.8 turnovers per contest.  

Meanwhile the Badgers made quick work of Kevin Whitlock and the Outlaws. While KW still averaged 30 points for the series he did it on 39% shooting. For the Badgers Benet de Gama led the way averaging almost a triple double at 29 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists.  

But here is a fun fact: De Gama has been swept by the Paris Honey Bees each season he has made the playoffs in the WBA. I don’t know much about history but I would prefer it to be on my side rather than not. Will De Gama change the course of history? Well winning just one game would change it and he will do just that by winning not one but two games. 

Paris will take this 4-2. 

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