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Best off-season by a GM (Top 5)

by Timmy Frenchy The off-season is a crucial part of a sports team’s management. Here is a list of GMs who just had the best off-season in the WBA. I will list key players that were removed and those who were added since last season. Honorable mentions to Brooklyn, California, Cancun, Kansas City, and Nigeria […]

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When Albacete Burning Hell won the 2016 lottery with that Warriors pick, they knew Lonnie Jordan would be a generational talent. So, there were no doubts that he would be selected first. Albacete was a team that had won 10 games the year before with an aging roster. In a loaded draft, Jordan’s background helped […]

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Pirates Press

2020:1 Nigeria: There are changes this year in Nigeria.  The team’s owner could not come to an agreement with the previous general manager, Rob Arnold.  Michael Futch has been all about making money since taking over the team in 2000.  He doesn’t worry as much about winning as his fans and coaches do.  Last year, […]

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