Gabon Giant’s players reportedly woke up six times to the noise of fire alarms in their team hotel on the night before their 2nd round playoffs game in Paris.

The world conference rivalry between the Paris Honey Bees and Gabon Giants got ugly last night. One hotel guest on Twitter claimed the alarms could be heard in the early hours of the night between 4:51 and 07:13 AM at the Le Bristol hotel, where Simon Drapeau’s staff and players were staying.

Sigrid Agren, the wife of French guard Isidore Masquely, shooting guard for the Giants, took to social media to accuse fellow locals in Paris of deliberately setting off the alarms as a prank to impact the players’ preparations for the match, and even hinted that Gabon fans could return the gesture before the next game in Africa.

She wrote on Instagram: “Hellish night for the boys in Paris. Throughout the night in the hotel the fire alarm was turned on at full power 5 times.”

Local French Police chief Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath said: “Paris Police will work alongside the Honey Bees organisation, local authorities, as well as partner agencies, to minimise disruption from this great basketball playoff series.”

“We will have various policing operations in place during the day and this evening to ensure that all of those attending, including the visiting fans from Africa, can enjoy the game in a safe environment.”

Game 4 takes place tomorrow in Paris.

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