Best off-season by a GM (Top 5)

by Timmy Frenchy

The off-season is a crucial part of a sports team’s management. Here is a list of GMs who just had the best off-season in the WBA. I will list key players that were removed and those who were added since last season. Honorable mentions to Brooklyn, California, Cancun, Kansas City, and Nigeria who were all able to re-sign crucial parts of their squad. Frankfurt also made some good moves but came short of appearing in the top 5.


Albacete Burning Hell

Dan Kincaide
Shermar Mahara
Ahmed Dougherty

Alston Irving
Kelley Brandon
Victorino Pinelo
Ryan Rogers

Finishing at the top of the Conference standing was a nice accomplishment for Albacete. But after getting annihilated in the Conference Finals against Paris, general manager Pedro Alcaraz knew something had to be done to take that team to the next level. He was willing to take the risk of losing Mahara and Kincaide trying to add other major stars. This gamble paid off for Pedro as he signed one of the more sought-after players in this free agency class, young phenom Alston Irving. He was also able to sign big man Ryan Rogers who will strengthen his defense and rebounding inside. A sign and trade with Kincaide after that enable the Burning Hell to add depth with Kelly Brandon and Victorino Pinelo. Success comes to those who take risks.

Grade: A+


Boston Massacre

Casey Pointer
Victorino Pinelo
Frank Mathieu

Chris Dao
Claude Weidner
Brice Bell

General Manager Quinten Lawrence really wants to take this team to the next level. Even after the franchise’s most successful regular season, he knows that this team needs more if they want to compete against California and Brooklyn. Just like his fellow GM in Albacete, Quinten was willing to risk losing Pointer to try snatching a big name in free agency. After losing Pointer who signed a lucrative contract with the Giants, Boston bounced back big-time by signing coveted franchise player Chris Dao. Only 25-years-old, Dao’s presence gives Boston great promise for years to come. Trades made afterward to acquired Weidner and Bell could give the Massacre more roster balance. Boston is slowly crawling its way to the top of the Conference, but it might take some patience to get there.

Grade: A


London Disco

Matias Gutierrez

Benet Da Gama
Ajan Estay

The Disco franchise really hit the bottom of the barrel in 2019, and they can only go up. Letting go of their best player along with their top pick to acquire potentially the best player of his generation was a smart move by general manager Earl Breese. Adding Benet de Gama to his squad automatically gets London’s name on this list. Da Gama is a truly special player that should put the Disco quickly back on track. But he will need help. Signing veteran guard Ajan Estay to a reasonable contract is another move in the right direction as the veteran scoring and playmaking skills will be much appreciated. There is still a lot of work to be done to transform this team into a playoff team, but the first few blocks put into place look rock-solid.

Grade: A-


Toronto Dinos

Senecca Redd
Chad Archer

Damien Bohm
Pat London
Keanan Carrington

The interim general manager really did a great job. Having won only 23 games last season, it looks like this team would have trouble enticing free agents to sign in cold Toronto. Management anticipated that and made a clever trade, sending their top pick to acquire a superstar in Damien Bohm and a quality big man in Keanan Carrington. This instantly changed the Dinos into a playoffs contention team. Signing veteran Pat London to a short-term deal in free agency will help them in their quest. Since this team is now in very good shape, maybe a new general manager could be interested?

Grade: B+


Gabon Giants


Napoleon Carter
Bobbie Mason

Casey Pointer
Urban Navratil
JoJo Edwards
Errol Bierman

After a horrible season where all that could go wrong did go wrong, General Manager Simon Drapeau cannot wait to start over with an 0-0 record. Letting go of Carter and Mason was somehow difficult emotionally. Carter has been the heart and soul of this franchise for the last few years, while Mason was a nice prospect that Giants training staff put much investment in. Still, getting in free agency a superstar caliber player like Casey Pointer is a homerun. Even at age 20, rookie Urban Navratil should give this defensive-oriented team a nice offensive boost right from the start. Jojo and Errol give them potential scoring options inside. A more balanced roster should help this squad surpass last year’s 28 total wins. Hopefully before All-Star break.

Grade: B+


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