Draft review (Top 5)

by Timmy Frenchy

Let’s revisit the top 10 selections of this year draft.

1st pick. Toronto Dinos select Azi Bakarre

The Dinos did surprise some with their selection at the top spot. Even though Toronto has been searching for a floor leader for several years now, Azi is only 18 years old and still has a lot to learn. But his potential is great, and he might already have the necessary poise and skillset to handle the starting guard duty of a pro team. But patience with him will be key. Grade=A

2nd pick. Paris HoneyBees select Andres Bolea

Paris management showed no mercy to Bobbie Mason even after another great playoffs run. Trading the superstar in his prime for the 2nd overall pick (and once great Lonny Jordan), was a huge move for this franchise. Bolea might be the best all-around player of this draft class and should have an immediate impact in this league, but he is no Bobbie Mason. And he could have a difficult time living in his shadow. Time will tell if this “impulsive” move by Paris will be a good one. Grade=C

3rd pick. Albacete Burning Hell select Timocrates Stathakis

Burning hell management is doing a great job at rebuilding this franchise. They are acquiring great assets and “Stat” is another piece of the puzzle. Beside being somewhat limited offensively, the Greek is almost perfect in every other area. Look out when is going to be surrounded by great offensive players in Albacete. The World Conference has new powerhouse in the making.  Grade=A+

4th pick. Shangai Pandas select Andre Bataille

Sometimes you have to pay the price to acquire what you want. That is what Pandas management did with that last minute trade with the Giants. And I don’t think they will regret it. Bataille is a beast. He is a monster inside that will dominates the glass and also protect the rim efficiently without fouling. This acquisition is a game changer for Shangai. Now paired with another talented big man in Dudley, expect the Pandas to be a threat come playoffs time for many years to come. Grade=A

5th pick. Gabon Giants select Bohdan Marak

With already two quality Bigs on board, Giants were looking into adding some scoring, especially after last Conference Finals debacle. Acquiring Marak should help them to stay close scoring wise against the high tempo and powered offense of this league. But it won’t solve it all if they want to win that elusive championship. Grade=C+

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