2019 WBA Conference Finals predictions

by Timmy Frenchy

World Conference


Gabon Giants vs Milan Mayhem

(Milan won season series 3-0)

Milan showed some poised and experience in the second round as they won against a strong offensive squad even if they didn’t have home court advantage. Except for game 6 which was a 42 points blowout, all other games were decided by an average margin of 6 points. This group is clutch.  Eufrazio averaged 28 points and Bohm averaged 24 points to lead the way for the Mayhem. After coming back from behind to beat the Snow Bears in the first round and then taking out a better seeded in the second, Mayhem have now a lots of momentum on their way to the next challenge.

After cruising in round one, the Giants were challenged in the second against the Hellcats. They took a commanding 3-0 lead, winning a close game 2 at home along the way. But then the Hellcats made some adjustments and won both game 4 and 5. The Giants were relieved to get the W in game 6 in Mexico City, winning only by 4 points to avoid a potential game 7 disaster. The Giants are healthy and looking forward for their second trip to the Conference Finals in team’s history.

Both teams have never been to the WBA finals so we will have a brand new World Conference Champions this season. These 2 teams have similarities; they have both deep squad with talented players at every position. Milan won every meeting they had this season by an average of 14 points. They also have home court advantage. Ex-Giants Jarrod Roe wants to prove to his old team that they should have tried to re-sign him this off-season. Unless Gabon can find some kind of magic formula to slow down Eufrazio and Bohm, this series won’t last very long.

Prediction:  Milan over Gabon in 5

USA Conference


Colorado Pioneers vs Brooklyn Rage

(Brooklyn won season series 2-1)

Kansas City did challenge the defending champions in the 2nd round, but only for one game. Game 2 was an instant classic that went to OT and totaled 278 points for both teams combined. Brooklyn won that game and destroyed the Blues in every other game, winning those by an average of 34 points. The Rage are still waiting for a team to make them sweat a little in this post-season.

The Pioneers are in the USA Conference Finals! This is well deserved as they had to defeat the very talented California Fighting Cocks to get there. Some might say that it would have been different if Kurt Beck had return from his injury sooner. But others will remember Tony Henderson superb defense on Beck in the deciding game where he allowed him to shoot only 6/23 from the floor. And Pioneers won that game by 20. It is over and the Pioneers advance.

The Colorado Pioneers represent the first real threat the mighty Brooklyn Rage must face in this year playoffs. Even if they do not have much depth, Colorado have the offensive firepower and the defensive specialists to really give Brooklyn a run for their money. Still, it would be a miracle if the Pioneers surmount this obstacle to get to the WBA Finals. Maybe John «Divine» Devine could do something about it?

Prediction: Brooklyn over Colorado in 6

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