Midseason Award Favorites

By the ever-opinionated Stefon B. Smythe


Lonny Jordan – Albacete – 29.0 PPG, 10.4 RPG, 4.0 APG

Jeremy Sims – Kansas City – 28.6 PPG, 10.3 RPG, 3.5 APG, 3.4 BPG

Hassan Watt – California – 28.7 PPG, 7.7 RPG, 5.0 APG, 2.0 APG, 1.4 BPG

Jarius Miles – Brooklyn – 24.2 PPG, 10.4 RPG, 6.3 APG, 2.3 SPG, 2.7 BPG

Jervan Timmons – Paris – 18.0 PPG, 13.9 APG, 4.4 RPG, 5.0 SPG

It may be unconventional, but my vote for MVP midway through the season is not going to be for the player that scores the most points.  Maybe he is not even the most fun to watch.  But what he brings to his team is unmatched, making him the most valuable player.  Jervan Timmons might be 50th in the league in scoring, but he leads the league in both assists and steals per game.  Not only does he lead the league in both of those statistics, but he is FAR beyond the player ranked second.  His 13.9 assists per game is 4.5 assists better, per game, than the 9.4 per game by Javonte Bolk, who is second best in the league.  Timmons’ 5.0 steals per game is 1.8 steals better than what Jesse Szcygiel (2nd) is averaging per game.  These are numbers that are rarely seen in the game, let alone from a single player.  Many players specialize in a single facet, but to have such an impact on both end of the floor for his team, is perhaps unmatched.  For this reason, I give Timmons the edge.

Despite feeling as if Timmons is the leader for MVP, I have a feeling that Lonny Jordan would be the winner if the season were to end today.  Scoring points is flashy and gets attention, passing not as much.  Jordan leads the league in scoring and is fourth in rebounds.  More than deserving of the votes that he will receive.



Hassan Watt – California – 28.7 PPG, 3.7 ORBPG, 5.0 APG

Lonny Jordan – Albacete – 29.0 PPG, 2.8 ORBPG, 4.0 APG

Jeremy Sims – Kansas City – 28.6 PPG, 3.2 ORBPG, 3.5 APG

Kurt Beck – California – 25.7 PPG, 3.1 ORBPG, 5.2 APG

Jervan Timmons – Paris – 18.0 PPG, 13.9 APG, 1.4 ORBPG

Similar to MVP, Jervan Timmons stands out as having such a major offensive impact on his team.  Paris is averaging 119 PPG, second best in the league.  Between averaging a very respectable 18.0 point per game as a floor general, Timmons adds to that total by assisting on nearly 14 baskets a game.  His 1.4 ORBPG and 5.0 steals lead to additional points for his team.  Timmons is the engine that makes Paris run…and they currently sit atop the conference with only ten losses at the midpoint.

Assists and creating doesn’t lead to votes.  Lonny Jordan has the ability to take over a game when it matters most.  Lonny Jordan, and Albacete, can greatly influence my opinion on many of the awards by winning the conference.  Currently in a very close fight with Paris, Albacete is slightly behind in the win column.  If Lonny Jordan has a strong back half of the season, leading his team to the regular season conference title, he may sway a lot of voters in his favor.



Jervan Timmons – Paris – 5.0 SPG, 0.2 BPG, 3.0 DRBPG

Jarius Miles – Brooklyn – 2.3 SPG, 2.7 BPG, 8.3 DRBPG

Frank Mathieu – Boston – 8.9 DRBPG, 2.5 BPG, 0.3 SPG

Chad Nolan – Los Angeles – 6.5 DRBPG, 2.6 BPG, 1.6 SPG

Jeremy Sims – Kansas City – 7.1 DRBPG, 3.4 BPG, 0.7 SPG

I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me that would like to see a trifecta for Timmons at the top of the award board.  His 5 steals per game is not even close to being matched by any other player in the league.  Despite his ability to seek out the ball, I don’t see his overall defensive impact as being as impactful as that of Jarius Miles.  Arguably the most consistent across the board statistically, Miles sits towards the top of the league in defensive rebounds, steals, and blocks per game.  He dictates the opposing offense in every facet defensively.  His all-around ability is what makes me give him the lead at the midway point of the season.



Mathias Kurz – Gabon – 32.0 MPG, 7.1 PPG, 10.6 RPG, 2.6 APG, 3.2 BPG

Heinrich Rarich – Nigeria – 29.3 MPG, 16.2 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 5.5 APG, 1.0 SPG

Gervais Calloart – Cape Town – 33.9 MPG, 17.2 PPG, 3.5 RPG, 3.6 APG, 1.0 SPG

Cetus Vlahakis – London – 32.4 MPG, 12.8 PPG, 7.6 RPG, 2.0 APG, 1.6 BPG

Klemens Eberle – Paris – 30.1 MPG, 13.6 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 1.7 APG, 2.3 BPG

Choosing a rookie of the year is a little more difficult at the midpoint.  There are several rookies who didn’t play to start the season that are making strong cases to join this list.  Timoteo Gangotena is averaging over 10 RPG in his first 14 games played, Heinrich Stoebener scored 23 points in his first game in Milan and was perfect from the floor, and Toussaint Leclerq has achieved, or been 2-3 assists shy of, a double-double in seven of his first 10 games since starting in Las Vegas.  The most impactful rookie to date would have to be Mathias Kurz.  Maybe not the most prolific scorer of all rookies, Kurz makes his impact on the glass and on the defensive end.  Leading all rookies in both rebounding and blocks, Kurz is making a name for himself.  On November 6, Kurz set a current league record by bringing down 13 offensive rebounds in a single game.  It’s not everyday that a rookie leads the league in any category, but Kurz sits at the top of the league with 3.8 offensive boards per game.

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