Unrest in Cancun

By Turk Moran

A first round exit to the Albacete Burning Hell, the same team Clément Trentesols almost joined during free agency. A team in cap hell with no way to improve the roster in the short term. A ticket pricing fiasco that saw attendance plummet to 500 a game. The face of the franchise, Parker Mason, was unceremoniously shown the door without a contract offer from the team he led to many titles. He is now leading the Paris Honey Bees in their quest for WBA supremacy, an infuriating turn of events for Outlaws fan. The team did acquire the Mexican Air Jordan, Apolonio Borrado, but it did little to appease local fans. Riots erupted at the beginning of the season, led by a Russian activist of Spanish descent, who asked for a WBA boycott worldwide and the arrest of their commissioner, Rondall Reynoso. It is unclear why. Clément Trentesols, during the end of season press conference, only answered questions in Spanish and French, and looked dejected and refused to talk about his future. GM Pat Fullum did admit to failing Clément Trentesols, being unable to build a roster to support his star player’s quest for a championship. The mood is somber in Cancun and it seems the organization is ahead towards a difficult rebuild.

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