Panda Press Release

The Shanghai Pandas announced a trade today.  It was so closely guarded that there weren’t even rumors about the trade.

The Moscow Snow Bears and Pandas announced today’s trade.  Moscow is looking at the future and General Manager Hitch is looking at winning now.

Moscow traded Latrell McDyess and a second-round pick in 2024 for Stephen Harrelson and Morten Kjolbye.  The trade comes as a surprise.  The Pandas have had an up and down season.  The team started fast, but then struggled.  Recently, they beat Albacete on their floor.  Harrelson has not seen a lot of action.  Over the last week, he was coming off the bench at shooting guard and was putting up some numbers.

“This is a good trade for us.  We are set upfront, but we needed to add strength in our guard play.  We gave away a proven player in Harrelson.  Morten has the potential to be top scorer in this league,” Hitch stated.   In Latrell, the team adds a solid 25-year-old point guard.  He can find the open teammate as he averages seven assists per game.  He is a solid defender and does not foul.  Heinrich will move to shooting guard and see some time at the point.  Will that hurt his effectiveness or make him better?  He is averaging 21 points per game and putting up All-Star type numbers.

Jay Dickson will come off the bench.  He will back up at both the shooting guard and small forward spots.  This trade may benefit Morales the most.  He will move from shooting guard to the three spot.

Morten is just 23 and is developing.  The kid is averaging 18 ppg in the developmental league.  Harrelson is just 25.  He is in the middle of a five year 80 million contract.   This may have been a reason for the trade.  The Panda’s have to ensure they have cap space to resign Heinrich.

Mcdyess is expected to play tomorrow for the Pandas.  Shanghai has a record of 23-17.  This places the team atop the Pacific.

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