Going back to the WBA

Going back to the WBA. First weeks.

The question is how has it been the return to the WBA? Quite nice. I had a team with money, the first-round pick on the draft and a star player. Yes, I am talking about the Fort Worth Warriors!

I didn’t know it at that moment and looking at the roster I was ready to trade everything. Luckily no worthy requests for him came and I have been able to see first hand how useful he is to my team. Obviously I am talking of Curtis Starman. The guy is putting 30 points a game, 3.7 Rebounds, 3.7 Assists. It is playing the best basketball of his life. At the moment he has played only 18 games at that level, but it is amazing. Some people were saying he was not even going to score 20 a game. I am laughing at you!

Obviously I have had some luck, getting Whittaker was very lucky. It could be that I offered him too much money for certain people. And it is true that at the end of his contract he may be overpaid, but he is going to give me at least 3 good seasons. He allows me to have a clear cycle view of my team. I have 3 years to play for everything and then 2 to suffer. At the end of that five years cycle, I need to recycle. So the main issue will be to free some cap and play the lottery. Yes, I forgot, all of this only works if I can keep Kincaide… He is the X factor. I have been trying to trade him around but I am not getting what I would like for him. So I will have to try to keep him during Free Agency and see how that goes. If we lose Kincaide for nothing we will lose a lot, but that is the game.

To finish them team we got Trevor Tomlin. He is playing at a very nice level. I think that all my team has benefited for his selfish play. He is more a passer than a scorer and that has helped the stats on Starman, Kincaide, and Whittaker. As we have lost him for 27 days we are going to see how valuable for my team he is.

If I am not talking about Centers it is because I have several minimum contract players doing the job for me. So far they are doing a good job, but I tinker right and left to see if I can improve the position. The issue is that improving the Center is may come with the price of losing one of my big 3 and that could mean going backward…

I have heard people talking about targets. I have three targets this year. First the easy one, win more than 32 games for the first time in history franchise. Second, win 40 games during the season. That is going to be harder, but doable with the team I have. Injuries could be a factor to stop me from arriving there… Last and not least, going to the playoffs att he moment I am there, but I know that I am going to lose quite a lot of matches against the top teams, I cannot play them yet, but it will come next season hopefully. Why the playoffs? The team has never been there! Isn’t that good enough?

It is still going to be a long season. So far I think I have only one win against an above .500 team (a victory against the Blues…). That shows that we are still very weak in some aspects, but it is difficult to cover all the positions during one offseason only. Some of the choices I did, contract wise, during FA were not good. But I see that now more clearly so my FA bids should improve next season.

The final word is a good start, a wild start, and happy to be back and enjoying the season so far.

Be good.


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